“Awarding Nobel Peace Prize to Abiy Ahmed contradicts the aim of the award” Tedla Asfaw

I was alerted that Abiy Ahmed, prime minister of Ethiopia is one of the top candidates for this year nobel peace prize for his role in signing a peace agreement with Eritrea.

The agreement signed did not bring any fruit after more than one and a half years.
 If the Nobel peace cares for Real Peace there is not and giving the price then has nothing to do with it.
If there was peace Eritreans would not have died crossing seas and deserts as we speak.
 Eritrean army is preparing for war with Ethiopia any day now because Tigray, which has been out of the control of the Addis Ababa administration, was not part of the peace process whose people are affected by the peace more than anyone in Ethiopia.
Therefore awarding Abiy Ahmed contradicts the aim of the award.
Moreover, the situation in Ethiopia under Abiy Ahmed has escalated ethnic conflicts and displacements in all parts of Ethiopia, which is widely reported by foreign media.
Attacks on Ethiopian Orthodox church followers have resulted in more than thirty churches burnt down, the highest in our recent history.
Even Addis Ababa the capital is under attack by the Oromo parties the ally of Abiy Ahmed.
Last Saturday, Shimeles Abdissa the Oromo party president boasts of breaking the back of ” Neftegnas” after losing the Oromo land 150 years ago. He proclaimed this is the Oromo land.
 Addis Ababa non-Oromos more than 85%  estimated out of 6  million people are branded as settlers who have no right to the land. Addis residents can not exercise their rights to elect the mayor and council of the city. Power is to Oromos with or without an election. This is the only major city in the world that denied its residents’ basic human rights after living there for more than three generations.  It is from Apartheid 101 !!!! The major conflict is certain.
I can assure you that giving peace prize for Abiy Ahmed under the current political situation in Ethiopia is rewarding his Oromo followers to Keep on intimidating and attacking the more than eighty non-Oromo ethnic groups and accelerates civil war in Ethiopia.
I attach you my appeal to Abiy Ahmed directly on the 25th anniversary of the Rwanda genocide.


  1. Tedla Asfaw,
    There you go again.
    You failed to read the reasons Nobel Committee gave
    in awarding the prize to Dr. Abiy. Go back and read before
    going into your customary rhetorical overdrive!
    You said “If there was peace Eritreans would not have died crossing seas and deserts as we speak.”
    What you are missing is that Ethiopia/Abiy is not responsible for running of Eritrea. Ever heard of
    Isaias Afewerki?


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