Why Ethiopians must help PM Abiy abolish the Apartheid system all together?

There is no historical record of justice under the last apartheid regime in South Africa that was abolished because of the very injustice until TPLF warlords imposed it at the same time to commit injustice on the people of Ethiopia that defeated it in the Battle of Adwa 123-years ago. To expect justice under apartheid rule is simply prolonging injustice that is urgently needed to do anything else.

by Teshome Debalke

In the wake of the 123-years anniversary of the Adwa victory over colonialism and its residue — poverty, slavery and apartheid reinstituted by TPLF warlords led apartheid regime, Ethiopians shouldn’t be complicit in helping the new PM dismantle the only apartheid system that exist in the world and the main source of all ‘current problems and challenges’ in Ethiopia as it was designed by the usual suspects.

Therefore, regardless of what TPLF warlords and their apartheid comrades in arms and pen think and believe they have anything worthy to offer Ethiopians more than the weapons of mass-destruction (apartheid) of their sponsors’ that got them in their present pre-indictment, their bravado on one hand and crocodile tears in another to convince anybody let alone Ethiopians to sustain the status qua doesn’t  go further than what is often described as ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’.

No one ever articulated the Ethiopian version of TPLF led apartheid than Professor Al Mariam. His 2017 article titled “Apartheid State of Emergency 2.0” is one of the collection of commentaries in his arsenal to end the most intrusive apartheid regime in  extended history Ethiopia’s.

Tracing the historical root of apartheid that excited TPLF warlords and surrogates to go as far as committing crimes against humanity, corruption, and treason go as far back in the early 1650s Dutch and British settlers (invaders) of in Southern Africa and the subsequent exponential expansion by the British led seven European nations’ conquest of the world starting from the 17th century Agriculture Revolution followed by 18th century Industrial Revolution that instituted apartheid rules in the colonies.

It gives Ethiopians that defeat colonialism a window of opportunity who put up TPLF warlords and surrogates to fall in love with apartheid and continue to mimic it day-in-and-day-out disguised as Revolutionary Democracy in the 21st century.

After all, there is nothing revolutionary nor democracy what a British mining magnet and the champion of apartheid politics in South Africa Cecil John Rhodes who served as Prime Minster from 1890 to 1896 of Cape Colony that put it bluntly as;

“We must find new land, from which we can easily obtain raw material and at the same time exploit the cheap slave labor that is available from the natives of the colonies. The colonies would also provide a dumping ground for surplus goods produced in our factories.” 

The architect of institutionalized apartheid in Southern African and an ardent believer in British Imperialism, Rhodes and his British-South Africa Company founded the Southern Africa territory of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe and Zambia). His statement that coincided with the Berlin Conference of 1984-85 initiated colonialists’ ‘Scramble for Africa’ miserably failed in Ethiopia by the defeat of the invading Italian regime on March of 1896 at the Battle of Adwa led by the legendary King Menelik II. Ever since, the war on the history of Ethiopia, her people’s heritage and the legendry King that made it happen became fashionable by the old colonialists as well as their domestic agents recruited to preserve the defeated ideology of Colonialism and its legacy of Apartheid across the globe.

The emergence of domestic ‘mercenary’ class to undermines and reduce the glories history of Ethiopia and King Menelik II led victory eventually led to the second invasion and the five-years occupation of Fascist Italy regime that introduced six ethnic apartheid Regions’ rule from 1936 -1941 for the first time in extended history of the nation.

The restoration of Emperor Haile Selase government after the defeat of the Mussolini led Fascist regime in World War II eventually dismantled the occupying ethnic apartheid regime but, the attempt to undermine Ethiopia and her leaders continued.

Unfortunately, 50 years later since Fascist Italy imposed ethnic apartheid was abolished, domestic agents led by the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) reinstated it once again in 1991 with the endorsement of the same old colonialists led by Britain and, the assault on Ethiopia and her legendry leaders continued to this day.

The striking similarity between TPLF led ethnic apartheid regime and Fascist Italy colonial regime during its occupation as expressed by the British mogul and apartheid proponent in South Africa Cecil John Rhodes in 1880s and the evicted Austrian envoy Nazi baron Roman Freiherr Von Prochazka to Ethiopia in the early 1930s that led to the Fascist reinvasion and occupation is testimony to that reality.

Prochazka’s book titled Abyssinia: The Powder Barrel (Die Schwarze Gefahr) published in 1935 (a year before Fascist’s reinvasion and occupation that implemented ethnic apartheid rule) revels where, by who and why apartheid rule was planned and executed in Ethiopia. It reads;

“The numerous peoples and tribes who inhabited the territory of Ethiopian state, and which differ in race, languages, culture and religion from the ruling minority of the Abyssinians proper, would long ago have thrown off the Abyssinian yoke if they have been given the right of self-determination. Instead, they have been forcefully kept cut off from European influence and from the advantage that progressive colonization could confer up on the country. The final aim of (Abyssinia) policy of antagonism to the white race, in collaboration with Japan, is nothing less than to act as a champion of all the colored people of Africa… it is incumbent to delegation of the civilized nation in Abyssinia to warn their government to take a defiant stand before the Abyssinians attack and destroy western culture and civilization in its entirety. There is no such thing Abyssinia people. The greater part of non-Christian tribes in Abyssinia has no more burning desire than to be free from the tyranny of the Amhars…if they would vote freely, they would certainly prefer a European protectorate to universally hated extortionist and slave drivers. This country is cracking at all its joints and has only been kept together up to the present by methods of ruthless coercion”

Prochazka frustration that reflected the colonialists’ dilemma how to implement ethnic and religious apartheid to colonize Ethiopia and the subsequent reinvasion and implementation of ethnic apartheid regime consisting of six ethnic Regions is enough for anyone that can read-and-write let alone for contemporary scholars with any worthy credentials to discount.

Fortunately, Fascist occupation and its ethnic apartheid regime was defeated again but, the old Colonialists’ onslaught remained alive via domestic agents when TPLF warlords reinstated apartheid 50 years later once again as Ethiopians witness warlords scream ethnic Apartheid-or-Death — echoing the same old colonialists’ narratives. Mind you, not in the name ‘Civilizing Mission’ as the old Colonialists’ use to say nor “progressive colonization” as Prochazka suggested but, in the name of Revolutionary Democracy.

Astonishingly, the same Western elites that detest the Apartheid system in South Africa and Jim Crow laws of the American South Confederacy are cheering apartheid for Ethiopia. Sadly, the infamous ‘Kenyan-American U.S. President Barak Obama lauded as the first African American President was among them.

More disturbing, the indigenous proponents of ethnic apartheid on Ethiopia led by TPLF apologists to reduce Ethiopians to a slave status where their land, resources and labor could be readily available for their old colonial sponsors as Cecil John Rhodes declared over 100 years ago and Prochazka advised 50 years later to qualify them as modern-day ‘mercenaries’ of the defeated colonialists.

It is no longer a mystery what TPLF warlords and surrogates are instructed to do by their sponsors via ethnic apartheid rule. The more they resist to dismantle Apartheid that benefited them, the more they expose themselves who they are and, the proof is in the pudding more so in the economy that drives the politics of apartheid to empower many elites fixated with ethnicity and, increasingly religion as ordered to elude Ethiopians from figure out what drive them and who may be behind them.

Obviously, the old Colonialists didn’t invade the Africa continent for love of its people or the climate. It was for the same old resources and slave labor as Rhodes declared that persisted in the 21st century. Nor, they implemented apartheid for the rights and liberties of the people as Prochazka suggested but, to neutralize the unity of the people and the inevitable revolt that comes with occupation, violation of rights and exploitation of resources.

Martin J. Wiener’ in The Journal of Historical Society March 2013 Issue titled The Idea of Colonial Legacy and the Histography of Empire” chronicled several interpretations of colonial legacy and summed it up as; the colonies “were prevented, it was argued, by four fold inheritance from colonialism: first, of authoritarian state structures and habits, with “emergency” laws readily employed to suspended liberties; second, by economic structures created to facilitate foreign exploitation of nations’ resources; third; by colonial authorities’ promotion of religious and ethnic distrust; and finally, by ongoing international political and economic relationship and structures emerging out of colonialism designed to preserve and maintain this pernicious colonial inheritance.”

The five-years’ Fascist occupation that instituted ethnic apartheid as articulated by Prochazka is a testimony to that reality. Fifty-years later, TPLF warlords and surrogates didn’t reinstituted the same ethnic Apartheid rule on the people of Ethiopia for love of the people or to insure their rights via ‘Revolutionary Democracy’ either but, to fulfill Prochazka’s dream on behalf of their sponsors.  They know it, Ethiopians and the people of the world know it.

Without mimicking the colonial ethnic and religious apartheid hiding behind Revolutionary Democracy and Developmental State, TPLF warlords and surrogates would have been nothing more than modern village gangs terrorizing the population with donated weapons as Ethiopian witness them fulfill their sponsors’ obligations of sustaining Apartheid at all cost.

Unfortunately, that is not all. Contemporary elites that bought the defeated colonialists’ apartheid narratives as badge of honor by accepting TPLF warlords led ethnic and religious divide as legitimate political engagement — not on its merits but to undermine Ethiopians’ unity and wisdom of Ethiopian leaders that defeated it hands down as Prochazka decried. Unfortunately, many are embroiled with the colonialists’ narrative of their own heritage, culture and history.

Here is a good example. Awol K Allo, in an Op-Ed of March 1, 2019 on Al Jazeera titled How a Major anti-colonial victory divided Ethiopia — reflecting contemporary ‘scholars’ that propagate the colonialists’ narrative of Ethiopia reinstituted by TPLF warlords.

Instead of ‘how the defeated colonialists divided Ethiopians via TPLF and its surrogates’, in the 123-years anniversary of the Adwa Victory Allo, a ‘Lecturer in Law at Keele University U.K.’ choice to make the victors the villains (“Amhara dividers/invaders”) for defending their nation from the victimizers (colonialists invaders) that surrounded Ethiopia as innocent bystanders as prescribed by Prochazka.

Imagine accusing leaders that defend their country from three of the seven powerful colonial forces of the 19th century right after they signed a pact of 1884-85  in the Berlin Conference to invade and partial Africa and enslave and exploit the people as ‘dividers’ or ‘expansionist invaders’ for routing them out against all odds?

Contemporary elites trained to ‘eat their own roots’ are what the famous Pakistani-British award-winning author Kamila Shamsie known for her ‘Home Fire’ novel asked; ‘how do you eat your own root?

The partition of the present-day Pakistan and the Kashmir standoff between India and Pakistan is as the result of colonial Britin initiated religious apartheid during the independence movement as Al Jazeera documentary titled Boarders of Blood. Unfortunately, Al Jazeera promotes ethnic and religious apartheid in Ethiopia and elsewhere disguised as a Free Press when it serves its own ‘sponsors’ agenda.

Likewise, and closer to Ethiopia, the ongoing Yemeni civil war can be traced to the Feb 1934 colonial British held South Yemen colony based in Aden led ‘treaty of friendship’ with both the Kingdoms of the newly created nation of Saudi Arabia and the indigenous rulers of North Yemen to resolve the war to control Yemen that was under colonial British and Ottoman empire.

But, beyond TPLF and surrogates’ sponsors led by U.K.; contemporary root-eating elites in general are the biggest obstacle to the liberty and rights of the people of Ethiopia and the independence of the nation our forefathers paid for by blood and treasure and, it was not by accident but by design rewriting history and disseminating fairytale propaganda.

The British politician Lord Macaulay 2nd Feb 1835 address to the Parliament said it best how to make contemporary elites ‘eat their own roots’ to force Ethiopians submit for colonial rule.

He said.

“I have travelled across the length and breadth of Africa I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such calibers, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage and therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Africans think that all that is foreign and English is good and great than their own, they will lose their selfesteem, their native culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation”

Unfortunately, almost two centuries later enough root-eating elites made Lord Macaulay’s dream come through by ‘breaking up her spiritual and cultural heritage’, denying her existence of Ethiopia as a nation by reinventing history and implementing apartheid to divid the people by ethnicity and religion.

A good example of the result of Lord Macaulay proposal is the young root-eating elite Jawar Mohammed and the CEO of Oromia Media Network (OMN). A proponent of ethnic Apartheid i.e. “Ethiopia get out of Oromia” and Oromo First, he is no stranger and alone to promote colonialists’ agenda with selective amnesia.

For instance, from all writing system, the root-eating proponents of apartheid Oromo elites adapting Latin as an official alphabet of ‘Affan Oromo’ language testify to that reality.

The irony  a western educated elite like Jawar that proclaimed to be a follower of Islam doesn’t know the history of Islam he claims to voluntarily follow is interwind with ‘the spiritual and cultural heritage’ of Ethiopia for over 1400 years to reduce her history starting from  the defeat of colonialism over 100s years ago is a testimony; the problem of Ethiopia rests on root-eating contemporary elites’ selective amentia to undermine Ethiopia and her people as Lord Macaulay of colonial British’s parliamentarian proposed in 1835 and Prochazka reinforced in 1935.

There is no question Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed took the first step in the right direction to emancipate Ethiopians from TPLF enablers instigated colonial apartheid rule surrounded by root-eating elites. Their resistant to sustain the ethnic apartheid divide status qua to fulfill the obligation to their sponsors speaks volume to ask; who is compromised by the old and defeated colonialists’ agenda against the people of Ethiopia and why.

On the 123 years celebration of the greatest victory over colonialism in the Battle of Adwa in full gear for the first time since TPLF warlords led apartheid rule came 27-years ago, look no further than the propaganda Media led by the usual suspects discount the victory to prolong the life of the only apartheid rule in the world.

Reuters wire service of U.K. like most western and domestic Medias conveniently erased the leader of the Adwa victory — Emperor Menilk II on its report of unnamed correspondent titled Ethiopians celebrate defeat of colonialists, call for unity. But, to its credit, it highlighted the anniversary celebration summed up by Bonsa Kuma expressing; “I call myself independent because my fearless father fought the battle from all corners of the country…, I rode for two days to get here to remember my heroes” said, the 27-year old who arrived in the capital on a horseback’.  In contrast, root-eating elite ‘scholars’ crisscross continents on airplanes to tell us otherwise.

However, the same Reuters’ reporter present at the same celebration in Addis Ababa stated, PM Abiy “also joined a chorus of calls to end violence’ quoting his remark of “the young generation of today should repeat the victory of Adwa by defeating current challenges and barriers” to “published report by the state-owned Media” — discounting the new PM role of bringing Ethiopians together in unity as Ethiopian leader  as oppose the Oromo leader preferred by the usual ethnic apartheid proponents.

Sadly, root-eating elites led by the Adwa Gang and surrogates continue to undermine the glories heritage and culture of the people of Ethiopia and the history of the nation not to mention the wisdom and bravery of her leaders that defeat it.

It is clear for one-and-all why the name Ethiopia is allergic for root-eating elites and their sponsors and, why the PM calls of the young generation to repeat the victory of Adwa by “defeating current challenges and barriers” frightens modern-day Prochazkas’ apartheid ideology followers. Even the blind and deaf can see and hear; the same ethnic apartheid divide TPLF enablers instituted that continue to disfranchise Ethiopians is the cause of the ‘violence’ mainstream western Medias like Reuters as well as local Medias chose to ignore.

Therefore, the absence or skewed narratives on Ethiopia and her greatest victory over colonialism in the world history by major international, regional and local Media networks is not by accident but by design.

Of course, the infamous Al Jazeera featured story on the 123rd years’ anniversary the Adwa victory wasn’t about the celebration but, an Op-Ed of an individual in U.K. “how the victory divided Ethiopia” wasn’t by accident either.

Here are a few mainstream western Media coverage undermining the 123th anniversary of Adwa Victory.

The Continental Telegraph of U.K. Headline reads ‘not First Battle Victory of Blacks over White Colonizers but First War Won’ injecting and generalizing race to reflect the same racist attitude of the old colonialists’ in seven European nations that still feel privileged to invade any nation to enslave the people and keep the spoil. In Ethiopia

Agency France Press (AFP) and Associated Press (AP) reporters in Ethiopia known to cover anything skipped the most important event altogether.

More unrelenting are make-believe Medias run by root-eating indigenous elites.

The mouthpieces of TPLF in the diaspora did not shy away undermining Ethiopian leaders by piggybacking on the Adwa victory either.

For instance, from all relevant Ethiopians on the Adwa Victory, the infamous Aiga Forum featured TPLF ethnic apartheid warlord/Chairman Deberthion Gebermariam’s  message of empty unity on a victory he and comrades denied since they embarked in war with Ethiopians on behalf of their sponsors.

Likewise, the official TPLF owned propaganda Medias like Walta and Fana masquerading as private are playing it safe by pivoting the nature of TPLF to make it holier and failed to mention; the Adwa Victory is a victory of colonialism TPLF warlords brought back on the people of Ethiopia 100 years later via their Amhara villain Emperor Menilk II that defeated it as their bogyman.

Fana Broadcast Service report actually was savvier on the victory than its TPLF propaganda partners by featuring ‘President’ Sahle Work Zewde that served TPLF warlords with distinction representing the Ethiopia Federal government and the “Chief Administrator of Tigray regional state, Dr Debretsion Gebermichael”  to get its agenda across reinforcing the same apartheid ethnic regional states imposed on the people of Ethiopia is legitimate.

The most fascinating of all is TPLF warlord operated The Reporter masquerading as a Free Media. In an Op-Ed by unnamed ‘Stuff  Reporter’ titled Reviving Ethiopian nationalism as Adwa Victory is CelebratedAmare Argawi cunningly blamed the victims (the opposition) for his TPLF warlord comrades’ crime; not to mention blame the new PM Abiy i.e. “the government’s inability to appoint a successor in place of the outgoing Prime Minister in a manner that reassures both the Ethiopian people and the international community only serves to exacerbate the air of uncertainty”  instead of blaming the source of uncertainty are his comrades led by Deberthion Gebermicael hiding in Mekele doing what they did best for the last four decades — instigating ethnic and religious conflicts.

It continently goes on;

The historic mistake that the EPRDF and its allies committed in belittling Ethiopianism is today exacting a heavy toll as is the treachery of some in the opposition camp. The internecine conflicts incited by parochial politicians and their ilk have led to the death of thousands of innocent citizens, injured tens of thousands, displaced around a million and caused the vandalizing of the properties of hard-working folks. Ethiopians have never resorted to the kind of ethnocentric violence and destruction we have witnessed over the past two years. Nowadays there abound elements bent on sowing discord instead of doing their part to restore Ethiopia’s greatness by exploiting the considerable potential its patriotic and far-sighted people embody. They have no qualms about amassing power and wealth at the expense of the masses. This is why Ethiopianness is waning alarmingly”

The irony a journalist wannabe and Founder of Media Communication Center with public money out of the jungle to have the audacity to blame the oppositions and the new PM for crimes of his comrades says more how the minds of apartheid proponents masquerading as journalists work.

Similarly, ethnic apartheid competitor Medias like Oromia Media Network (OMN) that erase the Adwa victory altogether short of calling it Ethiopia (Amhara) invasion of ‘Oromia’ as prescribed by the old colonialist speaks for itself. Though it is not clear why OMN ‘reporters’ led by Jawar Mohammed are not for religious apartheid as prescribed by Prochazka, it is clear religion as oppose ethnicity is not as effective politics in their primary agenda of undermining Ethiopia as a nation.

At the meantime, clandestine Media operators are savvier than the official ethnic apartheid mouthpieces but, not smart enough to hide their true feeling about Ethiopians in general and the Adwa victory leader Emperor Mekilk II in particular by erasing the legendary leader of the Adwa Victory altogether as expected and altering the history of Ethiopia to their liking.

The infamous no-see, hear… evil of TPLF warlords instigated ethnic apartheid Tadias Magazine featured Headline was the Op-Ed of Ayele Bekerie (PhD) titled ‘The Victory of Adwa, an exemplary Triumph to the rest of Africa’ —  skipping Ethiopia and the Ethiopian leader[s] that actually won the Battle.

Unfortunately, the author is not an ordinary root-eating elite but a Professor of ‘African and African American Studies at Cornell University and Mekele University, according public record.  He not only failed to mention a single Ethiopian leader that made the Adwa Victory possible or “an exemplary Triumph to the rest of Africa” as he put it — giving TPLF apartheid a stamp of approval in Ethiopia as prescribed by Prochazka – so much for a scholar of African and African American Studies that was born in American Universities out of the Jim Crow Laws of the Southern Confederacy States against African Americans to perpetuate colonialist apartheid and erase Ethiopian leaders that made it possible.

No one know why TPLF operatives masquerading as scholars, experts and journalists think they can get away insulting the intelligence of the people of Ethiopia by passing TPLF warlords’ crimes on the innocent. Then again, if Ethiopians don’t understand the history of the old colonial apartheid mission that set them up, they will continue to do what they know best.

Therefore, ‘why Ethiopians must help PM Abiy dismantle Apartheid system altogether’ answer is nonother than root-eating elites’ selective amnesia that made the universally rejected Apartheid rule possible. After all, unlike their visionary forefathers that defeated ethnic apartheid, they want to have and eat their cake at the same time — the defeated colonial apartheid political system to divide Ethiopians and the political, social and economic benefit it afforded them — ‘two birds in one stone’?

Dismantling the colonial Apartheid political system IS “the current challenge and barrier” facing the people of Ethiopia as PM Abiy put it without saying. It must be defeated again particularly by the young generation. Unfortunately, the problem is, it contradicts with the interest of apartheid proponents.

Given it is an established historical fact colonialists invented Apartheid is evil for the entire humanity to the benefit of the few, there is no plausible explanation to sustain it except to benefit the root-eating elites and their sponsors’ interest over the many.

Therefore, Ethiopians must dismantle the apartheid political system as a prerequisite for everything else for numbers of reasons including to honor our foresighted leaders that sacrificed in blood-and- treasure to defeat colonial conquests via apartheid that showed its ugly head in 21st century, thanks to TPLF warlord and surrogates.

But there is a whole more social, economic and security reasons of dismantling TPLF instigated apartheid.

For instance, TPLF warlords redrew internal ethnic apartheid boarders that displace and cleanse millions of Ethiopians around the country at enormous cost as we are witnessing the ongoing violence unfold over artificial ethnic boarders. Like the old colonialist, it is to maintain power via perpetual conflicts with one ethnic group to hate another.

In that regard, land grab, slave labor and resource extraction of the last 27 years is the historical hallmark of colonial apartheid rule as prescribed in the 19th century by the Father of Apartheid and business mogul Cecil John Rhodes of Southern Africa.

When it comes to security of the people and the nation, “authoritarian state structures and habits, with “emergency” laws readily employed to suspended liberties” as it was argued by Martin J. Wiener’ remained the hallmark of colonial apartheid legacy TPLF bestowed on the people of Ethiopia that brought the revolution for change and the rise of PM Abiy to power. The ‘security’ apparatus TPLF set up that parallel the British colonial rule is a testimony to that reality.

The famous South African comedian and the Daily Show host Trevor Noah said it best;

What the apartheid system was really good at doing was convincing groups to hate one another”.

Likewise, TPLF warlords and associates are good convincing Ethiopians ‘to hate one another’ on the behest of their old colonial sponsors.

In the 123rd anniversary of the Adwa Victory that defeated apartheid, they would be advised again to abandon it to celebrate their culture and heritage robed by their sponsors than attempt to doubletalk or shoot their way out of their predicament as we are witnessing.

As the legendary the late anti-apartheid icon, Nelson Mandela said; “Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is manmade and can be removed by the actions of human beings”.

Whether the new PM remove the manmade poverty, slavery and apartheid or not all depends how long he can tolerate TPLF led ethnic warlords that live off apartheid and root-eating elites around him that benefit from it playing hide-and-seek to prolong the status qua as Ethiopians wonder with amazement as they scramble to make up more fairytales and instigate more conflicts from their hideouts.

Unfortunately, root-eating elites in the diaspora that should know better are the most aggressive apartheid propagators on their own people while they enjoy the privilege of living in non-apartheid nations afforded to them by their sponsors. Therefore, helping the PM Abiy ‘remove apartheid’ is not an option but a duty of every Ethiopian alive especially the young generation that would inherit ‘to hate each other’ for generation to come.

And, how but full disclosure of who they are and what they have done so they can be accountable for their transgression would abolish apartheid, poverty and slavery?

The PM has his hands full. In one hand, he is operating under apartheid rule handed to him by the TPLF warlords and surrogates since he was a teenager. In another hand, he is calling for unity, democray and the rule of law to make everyone accountable.

Drawing lesson from South Africa reviles; apartheid and democracy are like water and oil that cannot mix. Therefore, his dilemma is real and, requires bold steps in his part disclosing everything about TPLF warlords led apartheid in the name of the people of Tigray, Oromo, Amhara, Somali…

Who can he blame but root-eating elites at home and from abroad surrounding him with unverifiable credential that propagate the rejected Apartheid rule on the people of Ethiopia?

When knowledge is used for self-preservation or doing the bidding of apartheid sponsors as oppose to empower individuals – all society’s ills including slavery, poverty, apartheid… are inevitable as we witness contemporary root-eating elites tramped on one another to make up stuff to be relevant under apartheid rule.

Plato wrote;” knowledge without justice ought to be called cunning rather than wisdom”.

There is no historical record of justice under the last apartheid regime in South Africa that was abolished because of the very injustice until TPLF warlords imposed it at the same time to commit injustice on the people of Ethiopia that defeated it in the Battle of Adwa 123-years ago. To expect justice under apartheid rule is simply prolonging injustice that is urgently needed to do anything else.

Who is primarily responsible but root-eating scholars, experts and journalists that see, hear and speak no evil of apartheid to accomplish their sponsors’ mission that was defeated 123 years ago?

Where is the justice for the people of Ethiopia in that?

The article is dedicated for the legendary Journalist and the former prisoner of the apartheid regime Eskender Nega that challenge apartheid proponent head-on.  Short of wisdom to understand, the root-eating elites don’t even understand; he is emancipating their colonized mind 123-years later after it was defeated in the Battle of Adwa.


  1. Ethinic federalism and a fight for cultural survival is being used by few narrow minded elites to do ethnic cleaning by manipulating the mass on ethnic background issues for their own occult power hunger dreams. Yes there was cultural transgresión in past regimes, but that is not justification to commit in propose mass ethnic harassment and grievances between ethnic groups. Also the current ethnic demarcated regions are as arbitrary as it could have been where and when Ethiopian boundary was demarcated before and today. Nothing stands clean if one goes way back in time and all Ethiopians should have the same rights and previlages in every corner of Ethiopian territory. If the narrow minded ethnic nationalist elites really care for the well being of their own ethnic fellows they should start by acknologing that every human being is to be respected in every region no matter his background if one wants the current avkward ethnic based regions are to be maintened. Respecting the right of each individual will prolong the peace and prosperity of the supposedly hosting community. But the ethno elitist are using the right for culture and language to gain in the background land and resources for themselves. And that is wrong and even is wrong to do this grab for one ethnic group at expense of other ethnic group and specially sending innocent youth that tomorrow will be asked for the attrocity committed they may be asked for. The ethnic region system is very wrong as delivered as defacto is saying two human beings are different and has different privileges by belonging to one ethnic group or other depending to which ethnic group the belong to. Moreover for some ethnic groups without any region associated with them they would Iive for generations in perpetual fear of being displaced. Internal displacement is product of this non sense system. And always the target of ethnic hate campaigns are the poor and weak that is wandering in every region to make ends meet and raise it’s family. While the ethnic elite celebrates in hotels and abroad using as tool mobilized inocent youth and advance their ulterior political and economic power hunger from a distance. One thing is clear no war is good for no one and when that starts not artificial regions will survive and a lot of life will be shattered and every one will be affected and outnumbering in population is not a protection against the devastation of war. My two cents is yes enshrine the cultural and language protection laws but separate those laws from human justice and equality on regards to both rights perspective and from land and resource ownership perspective. The whole ethinic based region approach defeats and contradicts from the begining basic individual rights enshrined in the Constitution. Ethinic federalism should be abolished and the Constitution should be reviewed in benefit of all citizens that live in current Ethiopia not matter what their political inclination is. It should be done not for the elite but to guarantee peace and prosperity for generation to come. And the youth should think deeply on these matters before joining any unintended and manipulated moves as they also will be tomorrow father’s, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers.

    One good solution to solve current Ethiopian issue would be to make afán Oromo language a national language in pair with Amharic like other bilingual countries and abolish the ethnic region system and have a clause that enshrines all land, wealth and resource that is in Ethiopia is to be shared equally across all Ethiopians as birthright like some countries do


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