Who is PM Abiy Ahmed?

By: Achamyeleh Tamiru

(Independent writer, Commentator (Ethiopian Affairs), and Economic Researcher and Analyst) –  The Wikipedia post of the biography PM Abiy Ahmed is written by the PM himself. We know this 100% and have verified the story from a credible source, which is close to the PM office.  On the other hand, if a person wishes to remove the post or to correct it he or she has the right. But if the stories entered were wrong, the PM or his office would have removed or corrected it— Read More—–




  1. Dear Achamyeleh,
    You’ve called yourself “independent” and “researcher.” First of, you have an ax to grind and therefore not independent at all. Secondly, you have actually tampered with info entered into Wikipedia and therefore discredited yourself as trustworthy researcher. Moreover, you assumed Abiy wakes up every morning checking if his Wiki info is still there!😐
    In other words, you are so biased to a point of nurturing hate that you are in fact divorced from the reality of Ethiopian affairs.

  2. This site my be HighJaked by INSA. As the articles are showing as PDF. People should not download it. Find other articles from the author

  3. H.E. PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed is our ever Lovely and Great Leader of Ethiopia. He was borne to Save Ethiopia, advance Ethiopia and Exalt Ethiopia. That’s all!!


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