Who is directly responsible for the mass sterilization Amhara women?

Achamyeleh Tamiru

Who is directly responsible for the mass sterilization of young Amhara women and how they have been sterilized?

It has been more than 12 years since we have heard the shocking news about the mass sterilization of young Amhara women after they were forced to use sterilizing contraceptives and/or ordered to take sterile contraceptives in the name of preventing pregnancy. This inhuman and barbarous cruelty by the fascist TPLF regime is a deliberately designed project to de-populate the Amhara people and eliminate the Amhara race from the earth’s surface. Seven years after this TPLF “project” has been implemented, most Amhara schools have started to become empty because there are no young children in most of the Amhara rural village.

After this tragic story has happened, I have been exploring how fascist weyyane has managed to sterilize young Amhara women. Here is the whole story that I come to learn from the inside sources I have at the Ministry of Heath. Under the Weyyane`s Ministry of Health, there is an agency called Pharmaceuticals Fund and Supply Agency (PFSA). PFSA was established in September 2007 by Weyyane`s Proclamation No. 553/2007. As a government agency, PFSA has been tasked with the role of administering every drug related issues in the country.

The first director of PSFA is a TPLF fighter called Hailesilassie Bihon. It is this gentleman called Hailesilassie Bihon who is the mastermind behind the mass sterilization of young Amhara women. Before he has been assigned to the director of PFSA, Haileselassie Bihon was the general manager of Ethiopia’s Drug Administration and Control Authority. During the period of Amharas mass death in Gojjam due to malaria, Haileselassie Bihon was the general manager of Ethiopia’s Drug Administration and Control Authority.

As part of TPLF`s Amhara genocidal politics, when there was a malaria outbreak in Gojjam in 1997/8, Haileselassie Bihon has deliberately stopped supplying anti-malarial drug to the Amharas sick with malaria. This systematic denial of medical aid, because of their ethnic category, has contributed to the Amharas mass death in Gojjam in 1998 due to an easily preventable and less fatal malaria.

During that time, there were concerned personalities who established anti-malaria associations as an NGOs to help patients bedridden with malaria, particularly in rural Gojjam, in western Ethiopia. However, Haileselassie Bihon has limited their operation with the pretext that no private health or pharmaceutical institution in Ethiopia has been granted a license to import or distribute antimalarial drugs. Because of this, the anti-malaria NGOs had limited outreach and impacts as compared to the potential they had.

After he become the director of PFSA, one of the first tasks Hailesilassie Bihon had in mind was to continue his genocidal mission against the Amharas by sending short acting drugs (depo-provera, pills, etc…) to what is now called Amhara region but long acting drugs to Tigray region. PFSA has branch offices all over the country.

One of the branch offices of PFSA in what is called Amhara Region is located in Bahir Dar. In 2007, for the so called Amhara region, Hailesilassie Bihon has deliberately sent short acting contraceptives(depo-provera, pills, etc…) to the Bahir Dar`s PFSA branch office with an order to the “Amhara Regional Health Bureau” to distribute the short acting to the zones and Woredas of the “region” as soon as possible. According my inside sources at the ministry of Health, the science behind short acting drugs is that they act in hormones and the usage of them for more than 4/5 times lead to infertility.

Left with no option, on the one hand, and because they have been forced by “Amhara Regional Health Bureau” to use them (for the Bureau has been dictated and given orders by Haileselassie Bihon to force every fertile women in the region use short actings) as family planning methods, on the other hand, young Amhara women had no choice than using the short actings more than 4/5 times to reduce the risk of an unplanned pregnancy. It is this genocidal project of TPLF led by Haileselassie Bihon that has resulted to the mass sterilization of young Amhara women for the last one decade or so.

Haileselassie Bihon was not alone when he designed the mass sterilizing project of young Amhara women. TPLF medics such as Dr. Ataklti Fisseha, the director of UNICEF Ethiopia, whose wife called Miheret Hiluf is/was a directorate at the Ministry of Health and Dr. Gebreegziabher, who is now working at the WHO-Ethiopia, have advised him how to run that “operation” and with great results.

After he finished ALL the damages he can cause on the Amharas, Hailesilassie Bihon has retired three years ago and he is currently the owner of the leading pharmaceutical wholesaling industry in the country that has a capital of over USD 300 million. He was able to build this massive amount of personal wealth with the return he got for the service he provided in sterilizing young Amhara women.



  1. Dear Achamyeleh,
    It is interesting that all key actors happen to be Tigray Front members (Haileselassie Bihon, Ataklti, Tedros Adhanom, Amir Aman Hagos, Mihret Hiluf, Gebregziabiher, etc).

    It is also interesting that Bill Gates’s focus is on population control in Ethiopia and that he funded and sponsored Tedros Adhanom to get WHO directorship. There were better qualified and experienced Ethiopians than Tedros but then Tedros is friends with Bill Gates and is a Tigray Front member. His appointment gave Gates to achieve his plan on a grander scale!

    If you carefully look at key and lucrative posts in Health in Ethiopia today you will discover what I claimed above is the case. Please check out.

    Here is where I have serious questions. The video you posted is about Ethiopian Jews before they departed to Israel. Why would Tigray Front administer birth control vaccine? To present a firmer case you need to collect similar affidavit in a/ Amhara region and b/ if a similar birth control vaccine has not been administered in Tigray region (and elsewhere).

    We need to control our emotions and deal only with the evidence. I have read somewhere an Amhara activist claim that 1,000,000 Amharas were quietly killed (a genocide) since Tigray Front took power! This is very hard to believe and in fact works against the very interests of the Amhara whom the fellow seeks to defend.


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