‘We will not suffer for the sake of Egypt’s prosperity’ – Middle East Monitor

Members of the Ethiopian group negotiating the Renaissance Dam documents with Egypt as well as Sudan exposed the information of the talks accepted the Egyptian federal government over the previous months, on the event of the flow of 9 years considering that the begin of the dam’s building jobs.


The Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) priced estimate Zerihoun Abe, a participant of the Ethiopian bargaining group, as mentioning that with settlements, Egypt has actually been intending to revitalize the early american contract of 1959.

“Egypt has actually been attempting to make use of clean and sterile techniques to revitalize its colonial need. They [the Egyptians] think that they can enforce their colonial wishes on the upstream nations, as well as they intend to make Ethiopia as well as the various other upstream nations swarms under their control,” included Abe.

He showed that: “The only way out of this matter is a serious negotiation based on the spirit of cooperation with other basin countries.”

The participant of the Ethiopian bargaining group explained that the trouble connects to the sharing as well as circulation of water, worrying that: “Countries must be ready to make concessions as it is extremely important to achieve sustainable development and peace in the region.”

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He better cleared up that in the occasion of a dry spell, Egypt as well as Ethiopia have to encounter it with each other as an all-natural disaster, including that: “Ethiopia will not suffer alone for the sake of Egypt’s prosperity.”

ENA priced estimate one more participant of the Ethiopian bargaining group, Yilma Seleshi, describing that: “Egypt has come out as usual with an unacceptable diversion plan in the name of drought mitigation.”

Seleshi emphasized that the 1959 contract was inappropriate, leaving Ethiopia with a: “Zero share of the Nile water.”

The participant of the Ethiopian bargaining group likewise explained that Ethiopia is servicing the concept of the reasonable as well as practical usage of the Nile water, while Egypt does not intend to share the water: “Egypt’s interest is very clear. They want to maintain the right to use the water in a proper or indirect way of the 1959 agreement. ”

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