TPLF to elect a bunch of new CC members

By De Birhan

The Tigre People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is to elect a number of new Central Committee members in its upcoming meeting next week in Mekele, Addis Abeba based Radio, Sheger, reported.

According to Eyasu Tesfaye, the Propaganda Section Head of the Front, TPLF will listen to its two year performance and the Audit Commission’s reports on its 11th Regular Congress. The Party Congress will be held from 17-20 March, 2013 in Mekele. Eyasu said “pursuing its succession Policy, the Front will elect the new members based on their willingness to execute the visions of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, their commitment and capacity to serve the people”.

De Birhan has also learnt that Tigray Television is going to air a special program entitled “How did Meles die?” on Ethiopian Television (ETV) this coming Monday 17th March featuring Meles’ widow Azeb Mesfin, colleague and mentor Aboy Sebhat and others.Following TPLF’s Congress, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front’s (EPRDF) 9th Organizational Congress will be held from March 23-26, 2013 in Bahir Dar City.

Source: De Birhan

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