Why TPLF is desperately fighting for Dr Tedros to be next DG  of  WHO?

Dr Tedros

By Muluken Gebeyew

Dr Tedros is one of the nine executive member (politburo ) of TPLF (Tigray People’s Liberation Front) who has been making decisions on the fate of Ethiopians. TPLF is a minority regime ruling Ethiopia under the cover name of EPRDF (Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front) with fake elections disputed by international organisations. TPLF is a political organisation which came to power under armed struggle in 1991. As its name indicate, the people it “represents” (Tigre) is 6% of the population in Ethiopia. This minority political organisation has ruled Ethiopia under Iron fist for the last 26 years.  TPLF uses “divide and rule” policy to rule as minority while dividing majority  by fermenting & inciting one ethnic and nationalities  against others and one religion against other to sustain its brutal regime. It uses fake anti-terrorisms  laws to stiffen any dissent or opposite opinion. The  regime is known for its brutal crackdown of opposition parties, mass killing, imprisonment, displacement, forced immigration, unemployment and human right abuse documented by Amnesty International and  Human Right Watch and to Ethiopian public following disclosure in audiovisual testimonies from those survived the atrocities and ex members of its security and espionage services.
Dr Tedros who served on high profile position as Ministry of Health  (2005-2012) and Ministry of Foreign Affair ( 2012-2016) has been campaigning to be the next Director – General ( DG) of WHO (World  Health Organisation). This is mission given to him by the highest decision makers in TPLF. The purpose is not he would serve WHO as the best candidate with knowhow, TPLF knows he is not. Let  alone for World population, they don’t care about Ethiopian people (except the ethnicity  they claim to “represent”, Tigray ). They are not attracted personally for Dr Tedros to earn  the annual salary as DG of WHO $ 260,000 annually (which is huge sum by Ethiopian standard). They don’t care he will be the face of Africa at world stage. They ignored  his lack of knowledge and skill which will harm WHO to fulfil its mission. They never give damn if he is fit or not. Their central mission is one of their trusted top member of TPLF to be in leadership position in international global level in Geneva where he will be in position to have direct and indirect link with major international organisation to influence and dilute any future attempt of exposure, bringing to justice to the International Criminal Court for  the atrocities committed by TPLF in the last 26 years.

TPLF, under the barrel of gun, has been able to silence Ethiopians  with help of Western donors and China by playing pretexts of as major partner on fighting extreme Islamists in the Horn of Africa. The West  have given deaf ears to the plight of Ethiopians from atrocities of TPLF as their national interest is fulfilled by TPLF by sending poor Ethiopian soldiers to fight the extreme Islamists on behalf of the West. TPLF never disclosed how many Ethiopian soldiers died since invasion of Somalia by the late dictator Meles Zenawi despite the parliament request.

In recent years, the plight of Ethiopian people has reached to its pinnacle. The serious peaceful  popular uprising in Oromia, Amhara and Southern Ethiopia in 2015/16 met by deadly response by TPLF causing the death of thousands, hundred thousands imprisonment and millions of people displacement.  The minority TPLF regime committed gross human right abuse to the extent of genocide which one day the international world would bring it to International  Criminal Court. Currently TPLF is ruling Ethiopia under State of Emergency which Dr Tedros is one of the main architect.

Some international organisation started to expose the  horrible crimes which is unsettling top brass TPLF leaders causing them insomnia. They used millions of public fund to pay international lobbies as PR to paint them to global audience as rapidly growing, stable, developing and developmental democratic country. Although these have enabled to trick their donors for years, in recent years their cruel work started to be exposed. TPLF is unsettled by these and no longer containing these facts by the usual Western lobby firms. TPLF decided one of their top brass member to intermingle in international organisation based in Geneva to make formal and informal link to dilute any future attempt of bring to justice of all atrocities committed by TPLF on Ethiopian People.

In order to fulfil this mission, TPLF invested millions  dollars of public fund to campaign for Dr Tedros. Under the disguise of East Africa Fund, millions  of dollars spent to pay for lobby firm in USA to do the PR job for Dr Tedros. Dr Tedros cris-crossed most part of the world unlike the other candidates to earn support for his candidacy. His Information on Campaign Activities didn’t reveal the actual financial figures unlike the other two candidates.

He is able to get the  African Union backing mainly for  his claim of “it is time for Africa to lead WHO” despite the merit the post requires. If elected/ appointed, Dr Tedros will be the first non medical doctor DG ( political appoint) the organisation ever had since 1948. Although he  qualified as public health official, he never had the doctor-patient dynamic or therapeutic relationship to understand some illnesses that WHO would like to address. He may need medical experts (mentors) unlike former DGs with medical dictionaries so that he can understand some medical terminologies and pathologies.

Dr Tedros lacks the moral qualification to be the DG for WHO. He lacks transparency as noted on his CV  published by WHO  as he omitted the important political position he has held in ruling TPLF junta in order to avoid any questions. Intentional omission is equivalent to lying. Dr Tedros is accused of hiding to the international world three cholera outbreaks in Ethiopia by brand naming as acute watery diarrhoea and caused epidemic outbreaks that cost human life just to safe the name of his political party and the tourism income his party earns for.

He is controversial person, when he was Minster of Health, the candidate has treated his own citizens differently based on their ethnicity contrary to WHO’s goal of building a better, healthier future for all people throughout the world. The ‘Achievement’ he was credited to won in health service delivery in Ethiopia need thorough scrutiny as the regime is famous for cooking data numbers /statistics. Under his tenure of Federal Ministry of Health, the other regions of Ethiopia hadn’t  shown the rate of improvement in health service delivery unlike Tigray region which he hails from.

Dr.Tedros’s Ministry of Health played great role in “population reduction” using chemical/ injectable contraceptives against  Amahra People which TPLF considers it as “enemy of Tigray”. There was estimated 2.5 million people reduction  in Amhara region of Ethiopia using this means. The Ethiopian parliament couldn’t figure out for the official National Statistics Census Commission’s report on this “unexpected” reduction of Amahra people. The Commission had reported in 2008 that the Amhara state’s population stood at 17.2 million, coming well short of the 19.6 million projection estimated for the region. There was aggressive use of depo provera  in Amhara region with  ” intention” to reduce Amhara population. Many young ladies remain childless. The prevalence of HIV was also high in Amhara region (despite the use of protective means unlike other regions) with less treatment which led to increased morality. Was it intentional neglect by his ministry which he headed?

As conclusion Dr Tedros is not morally qualified to be DG of WHO for reason mentioned above. He is political candidate and will tarnish WHO’s reputation and noble mission if appointed as  his dirty political work will be revealed in due time. The purpose of his mission is to safe TPLF, not the world from poor health or illness.



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