Short Commentary on the Current Status of Ethiopia’s Unity Camp

Until few years ago, the Pan Ethiopian (or pro-unity political block) had the support of the north (Amhara), much of the South, & almost every major urban area at the center (including Addis) & Oromia. Now, this group seems politically dead or irrelevant!

Before 2018, The unity camp had its leaders in exile, in prison, or some had raised arms against the regime. After the 2018 change within EPRDF however, the imprisoned became free, exiles & formerly armed groups returned…. well they came back amid huge fanfare.

Unfortunately for the moderate and pro-unity Ethiopian citizenry, however,the elites from this camp openly exhibited series of mistakes over the past year or so. Some of the mistakes can also be traced as far back as 2005/1997. In my view, the few crucial mistakes among the many are:

1) The pro-unity elites remain in denial of reality. For example: They continued their focused criticism of the once weak ethno-nationalist camp while fully embracing Eprdf, a coalition of ethno-nationalist parties itself. Note that Some within EPRDF are actually more extreme than those in opposition.

1.1) Ethno-nationalist camp is there to stay & boasts formidable political organization & growing number of followers. However, because pro-unity elites live in the world of denial, they simply underestimated the power of Ethnic parties. They forgot that no one negotiates if undermined.

2) Unity camp elites took their massive support for granted!!
Although slow, the rise of politically conscious citizenry that actually questions and wants answers seems to be tired of the camp. Low attendance of recent meetings & below par fundraising events are good examples.

3) The unity camp failed to embrace and organize the youth, which EPRDF & other ethno-nationalist movements and parties took advantage. The camp’s leadership composition also shows that the individuals are more or less the same folks whose credibility continued to be questioned by many.

4) Last but not least, the elites within the camp (especially G7), lost its integrity when they criticized or opposed individuals & groups that could have been their natural partners. The manner in which G7 interfered or weakened ESAT has also surprised its support base.

You could argue against any of these simple reasons above. But one thing remains true: The unity camp seems non-existent. Even if it’s still out there, it’s politically dead or irrelevant.

Yohannes Gedamu


  1. Dear Yohannes Gedamu,
    Yours are simple reasons to complex issues. Try one more time. This time try to think a little bit harder.

  2. Mr Gadamu,

    From your writing one only can conclude that you probably are either cadre or payed poster for EPDRF. To paint just how Rosy and emanicipating is ethnic politics and not mentioning even one negative thing about a system that have ranked Ethiopian first in internal displaced people and where half of the population is living in continuous fear of being lynched by ethical crazy mad dogs mob. EPDRF did get all it’s followers by buying them or by subduing them by sending them minimal services specially in rural areas. At one point EPDRF was boasting as members more than 7 million members what we all know is most do not do it enthusiastically and they had to sell their soul, their human dignity and their fellow social members just meer ends. The other opposition ethnic parties use also as EPDRF the ethnic xenophobic discuss to attract fellowship. You will never find any ethnic movement that will not point it’s fingers to the supposed oppressor iof their ethnic group. They may look and sound as inclusive in national exposure but in private they all spew more hate for others than actually devote themselves for fraternal justice. We see in in the Western world ethnic parties at their high .and specially in power their discuss is against the inmigtants andthe one perceived as different. Put freeze election and association like real democracy and you will see what the Ethiopian people actually wants. But that is not possible for flaky ethnic alieations that they have tremors when trusth is spoken. You can see whenever Eskender Nega speaks how mobs are sent to silence him let alone for EPDRF to tolerate PanEthiopian movements. 2005 election and AEUP showed what the Ethiopian people wants. By the way the Aymara región drama is just a drama staged by section of regional and central government s.

  3. ‘GEDAMU’ this person is a woyane snake. yea, the fascist woyane thugs are going to declare tigre republic very soon. good luck


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