PETITION – Free Wolkiet Committee, Stop repression in Wolkiet and Restore Annexed Land from Amhara

The TPLF led government has forcefully annexed historical Amhara lands of Wolkite, Tegede, Humera, Telemete and Raya-Azebo to Tigray. The land mass of the Tigray Region has grown by a 3rd since annexation of historical Amhara lands including lands annexed from the Afar Region. This forced annexation has had a devastating effect on the Amhara people in the Wolkite Region. TPLF has been and continues to commit ethnic cleansing on the Amhara people in Wolkite. Their native tongue Amharic is suppressed. Widespread discrimination, killing, arrest, torture, and confiscation of land have led to many of the ethnic Amhara people in this region escaping to Gonder City, other regions of Ethiopia, and foreign countries for survival.

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In 2015, under the guidance of the Ethiopian Constitution’s covenants, the Amhara people organized themselves and petitioned the Ethiopian Government to have the Wolkite Region rejoined to the Amhara State. The response by the TPLF regime was swift and brutal response: the TPLF Special Forces deployed to kidnap the Officers of the Wolkite Amhara Identity Committee in the middle of the night, and then charged them with terrorism.

These officers were named in a Joint Letter to the UN Human Rights Council by 15 Human Rights Organizations including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.

They are:
Colonel Demeke Zewudu, the face of the AmharaResistance
Getachew Ademe (Chairman)
Atalay Zafe
Mebratu Getahun
Alena Shama
Addisu Serebe
Nega Banteyehun

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