People of Ethiopia Requesting Extradition of hate preacher jawar Mohammed, from the U.S.

Dear Madams/Sirs,

jawar Mohammed is a u.s based hate preacher, who advocate  hate and violence against ,Christians , civilian business owners , fuel truck drivers and  minority ethnic groups  in Ethiopia. his call for violence is  widely shared on Facebook  and YouTube. ( this is video was filmed in the democratic republic of united states, he calls for machete attacks against Christians )

on his latest post on Facebook, he called for attacks agianst civilian fuel tanker trucks who refused to comply with his orders ,  according to The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations defines terrorism as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives” (28 C.F.R. Section 0.85) . clearly jawar Mohammed is flouting federal laws under the protection of u.s  government.

The disturbing fact is: jawar Mohammed  emigrated to Minnesota United States of America to avoid prosecution by Ethiopian government , now he calls for violent against civilians from the safe heaven of Minnesota.

America is not a safe heaven for  Terrorist   ,Minnesota is not a mountain hideout near Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

As far as we know, United States of America is our ally, and a supporter of the Secular and Democratic Republic of Ethiopia . allies, don’t become complicit  on the next Rwandan style genocide.

“They live in a secure democracy, send their children to good Western schools and are at liberty to say whatever they want to cause mayhem in Ethiopia,” “They call it freedom of speech and they abuse it to their heart’s content.”  Sandy Wade, a former European Union diplomat in Addis Ababa

Therefore, People of Ethiopia requesting from The president Trump, The United States Senate and The United States Department of Justice, the extradition of Jawar Mohammed to The Republic of Ethiopia and/or for a crime at this scale, to the International Court of Justice at The Hague, Netherlands.


  1. He was the only darling within Ethiopian-Diaspora community not too long ago, until he said he is an Oromo first then an Ethiopian. How time has changed! he a hero, when he says I am Ethiopian and rogue when emphasizes his Oromo heritage!

    Jawar lives in Ethiopia now, You do need to extradite him

  2. Desperados!
    For you, anyone telling you the truth into your face is a “terrorist”! And you retards think that others, including the US government, are as retarded as you are!! One can openly state that your are I D I O T S !!

  3. Your cheap propoganda will not help you. No power on earth will stop the Oromo people from fulfilling its aspirations as a freedom loving nation to regain its human dignity and rights. It is up to you to respect this great nation for the sake of your own benefits. For durable solutions use your mind as a rational thinker, but don’t use your belly like a big.   

    Don’t accuse Jawar Mohammed. He does always the right things. We, all the daughters and sons of Oromo, are Jawar Mohammed! You cannot intermediate any Oromo. Jawar is one of our heroes. We are proud of him. You can bring whatever you have in your stores. The offsprings of the ex-Neftegnas keep yourself away from Oromia. We will never accept the second class citizenship in our fatherland, Oromia. We will show who wr are to the mindless ultra nationalists like Eskinder Nega and his associates. Last time you were campaigning against Lemma Megerssaa, today against Jawar Mohammed. For sure tomorrow you will do the same campaign against PM Abiy Ahmed. Keep on barking like  a dog! We are not demanding Bahir Dar, Gonder or Mekele. We are demanding our human rights only on our soils, Oromia.

    You malicious politics will never work in the new Ethiopia. The scramble for Oromia like the Menilik’s era is no more possible. But you can keep on your dreaming in the coming millions of years.

    De-Amharanisation of the whole Ethiopian politics is indispensable and absolutely necessary in order to reform and reshape Ethiopia as a country of multinational state. 

    No more the politics of one language, one culture  and a single nation. We will build the new Ethiopia with all its facets as a multinational country. Please also don’t forget about the peoples of Agawo, Qimant, Waito and others. They will confront you soon with all their demands.

  4. I am wondering that why the people of Ethiopia lodge a petition to “Republic of Tigrian “ or “ to Mr Trump” to Extradite the murder,the killer, the butcher, the rapist,the barbaric,”Mr Getachew Asfa !“?
    I am looking to hits the petition 100,000!

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  6. I am wondering that why the
    people of Ethiopia lodge a
    petition to “Mr Trump” to Extradite
    the murder,the killer, the butcher
    the rapist,the barbaric,”Mr
    johar mohammed


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