Open letter to the WHO. Purge Dr. Tedros Adhanom out  or Face the Shame! (by Muluken Gebeyew)

On the 23rd May 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO)  elected  Dr Tedros Adhanom  Ghebreyesus  (the former politburo member  of Tigray People’s  Liberation Front ) as its Director- General, despite an alarming oppositions from Ethiopians who have been suppressed by the regime he served as one of chief architect of TPLF/ EPRDF  led dictatorial regime in Ethiopia. Several individuals and Ethiopian organizations wrote open letter  ( see references) and organised demonstrations  outside UN office in Geneva including a voice from an Ethiopian diasporas activist in the meeting hall to alarm his unsuitability to lead the noble organization.  WHO members ignored  the worrying  opposition  and dismissed  it as losers and detractors.

It hasn’t taken 2 years for the truth to be revealed what was happening in Tedros’s Ethiopia. Please read and watch the news coming these days from Ethiopia. The TPLF led regime where Tedros served as  one of the top nine people (politburo member) who decide on the fate of 100 millions people  ruled the country for 27 years under bitter  iron fist is back tracking and losing the central power. The  peaceful opposition of Ethiopians specifically the youth  (who have been  killed, tortured and imprisoned)  resulted  in  uprooting the oppressors from state power  though few  are hiding in International Organisation.  Ethiopia is now becoming a country of hope and there is smell of freedom as the regime itself decided to  listen to the public demand and reform.  The newly elected progressive  leaders led by Dr. Abiy Ahmed have made a bold promise and action  facilitating peaceful political  transition towards democratic governance.

In the last 8 months, more than 80 000 people, who were imprisoned for having  different political opinion are released from  prisons and gulags  run by a  regime Tedros served as top diplomat  as its foreign minster. Dr.Adhanom  used to declare publicly  there  was  no single  political prisoner in Ethiopia.

The sad news we hear recently from released political prisoners in Ethiopia at the   official State media  are  so saddening and terrifying. Ethiopian political prisoners were subjected to unimaginable  form of torture, rape, sodomy, water boarding, genital mutilation, immersing a prisoner  in manure hole, clipping genitalia with metal pincher,  chaining with wild animal, throwing a prisoner naked at night in deep forest and all form of severe human abuse. This was principally orchestrated by people by ethnic members from TPLF party where Dr. Tedros Adhanom hails from. Hundred thousands of Ethiopians subjected to be homeless, displaced, dispossessed, killed, tortured, deprived of economic opportunity and forced to leave their country.

Members of TPLF  party where Tedros served as top man have looted billions worth of Ethiopian state  and public projects. On the 12th November 2018, the Current Attorney General of Ethiopia gave press conference stating  these corruption and inhuman abuse by the regime. They exercised nepotism, mismanagement and ethnic favouritism in every economic  and social field they control.

On 18th June 2018, the current prime minster  of Ethiopia Dr.Abiy Ahmed admitted the Tedros served government was a terrorist state. The Prime Minster  apologised at parliamentary session  to Ethiopian people on the behalf  of the corrupt regime where Dr.Tedros served as its top diplomat as Minster of Foreign Affair and Health minster.  Ethiopians tried to inform WHO the role Dr.Tedros Adhanom played  with in the regime against Ethiopians during his election campaign to be the Director General though it falls on deaf ear. The individual  accounts of Dr. Adhanom against the Ethiopians people or humanity will be  revealed in due time.

It is time the WHO to clean  its office as soon as possible. It is time to purge Dr. Tedros Adhanom out before WHO face detailed horrendous account that will tarnish its good name and noble objective. Dr. Tedros Adhanom has to do  honourable duty by  resigning  as soon as possible before the full shame comes out and tarnish WHO.



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  1. Dear ER,
    Whoever is behind this campaign is obligated to provide evidence for the following statements;
    “Tedros Adhanom played a key role in kidnapping of prominent dissident”
    “covered up a Cholera epidemic throughout his tenure”
    “Africa’s Abu Ghraib is located in Addis” (remember the US and the UK are implicated)
    And clarify these phrases;
    “[Tedros] wasn’t an ordinary health minister”
    “the most meaningful positions in state institutions”
    Otherwise, those same accusations will undermine the credibility of the “activists.”
    Again remember, Adhanom is supported by Bill Gates. In other words, ወኔ alone is no use unless evidence is presented in clear language.


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