“My wedding will be the most expensive ceremony witnessed in East Africa” Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan  will not settle for nothing but the best. The lady who is currently dating Diamond Platnumz says that her wedding has to bt the best and most expensive ceremony witnessed in East Africa and she talking about millions and this is why she is not in a hurry to get married.

The mother of 5 announced this during an interview with Clouds FM during the Leo Tena segment on Thursday 9th. She was in the company of her man, Diamond Platnumz, where they also revealed the plans they have for Nillan’s 40 ceremony which will go down this weekend.


Zari Hassan went on to add that they are currently focusing on important things that will help them make more money for the sake of their future. At the moment they are planning to build their kids, Tiffah and Nillan apartments (guessing rentals) that will help them when they are older.

Judging from how she is taking her time to fully settle down with Diamond Platnumz is because she understands marriage and how it operates since she was once married to a tycoon but ended up filing for a divorce as things were not working.

Zari and her ex husband, Ivan Don
Though she has moved on with Tanzania’s top artiste, she still focuses on her boys and nothing has changed since they are her kids too.

Anyway, this also confirms that the lady has chose Diamond Platnumz as her lifetime partner.


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