A message to UD Chairman Gizachew Shiferraw: please resign for the sake of the struggle

Ethiopian Review

Gizachew Shiferraw

When Ato Gizachew Shiferraw was nominated to chair the Unity for Democracy and Justice Party (UDJ) in Ethiopia, he promised that he will lead the party only for 6 months in order to pave the way for younger leaders to emerge. That was in December 2013, ten months ago. For several months before he became UDJ chairman, he talked about the need to bring new faces and younger people to the party’s leadership. Now many in the party believe that UDJ has strong candidates who are young and can provide strong leadership, but Ato Gizachew has refused to honor his own words by refusing to resign. Since he took over UDJ’s leadership, the party has become stagnant; the Millions of Voices nationwide campaign has been stopped; and little effort is being made to secure the release of UDJ leaders and members who are languishing in jail as political prisoners. Ato Gizachew is an honorable man. He has made significant sacrifices to the Ethiopian people’s struggle for freedom. It is a terrible mistake for him to renege on his promise and refuse to make way for younger Ethiopians to come to UDJ’s top leadership.


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