Letter of Appeal to the Ethiopian Prime Minister (Global Alliance for Justice: The Ethiopian Cause)

H.E. Dr. Abiy Ahmed

Prime Minister of Ethiopia

Addis Ababa



Your Excellency,

Subject: Justice for Ethiopia for the War Crimes perpetrated by Italy with the Vatican’s Complicit Support.

The Global Alliance for Justice – The Ethiopian Cause presents its compliments for Your Excellency’s outstanding efforts for the achievement of democracy and respect of human rights in Ethiopia and a peaceful brotherly integrated coexistence throughout the Horn of Africa.

We also admire Your Excellency’s contribution to the strengthening of Ethiopia’s historic achievements including the honor of His Imperial Majesty (HIM) Haile Sellasie I’s role in the establishment of the OAU and African liberation as a whole. Hence, we applaud the forthcoming installation of the commemorative statue for HIM at the headquarters of the African Union.

Taking into account Your Excellency’s admirable successes and the world’s recognition of your progressive and global perspective, we hereby resubmit, most respectfully, our appeal during your recent official visit to Europe. The attempt was made through the Ethiopian embassies in Italy and Switzerland, requesting fervently Your Excellency’s intercession on behalf of the objective of achieving the justice required by Ethiopia. The issue concerns the Fascist Italian war crimes committed with the Vatican’s complicit support. It is our hope that Your Excellency has raised the issues of the Italian Government’s remuneration and restitution required for Ethiopia, and the need for the Vatican’s apology to the Ethiopian people for its complicity with the Fascist Italian war crimes in Ethiopia.

Our appeal relates to Italy’s war crimes on Ethiopia during the 1936-41 poison gas- backed invasion. Our claim is based on the fact that, so far, the Italian Government has not taken the appropriate action to remunerate Ethiopia duly with the restorative justice and due consideration that the country deserves. In fact, the issue has been muted after Italy has provided a mere US$25 million for the construction of the Koka Dam in 1947, and the more recent return of the Aksum obelisk. We are certain that this is completely inadequate for the heinous war crimes committed by the fascist regime.

It should be noted that the Italian Government has decided to remunerate Libya with $5 billion for the massacre of 30,000 people. It should also be noted that the Armenian people are claiming a $3 Trillion remuneration for the one million massacre they suffered by the Ottoman Turks in 1915.

It is well known that in Ethiopia, the Fascist Italians perpetrated the massacre of one million Ethiopians, of whom 30,000 were murdered within only three days i.e. February 19-21, 1937. The murder spree includes 2,000 monks and parishioners, who were executed in cold blood at the Debre Libanos monastery. Moreover, 525,000 homes and 2,000 churches as well as 14

million animals were destroyed. Huge quantities of Ethiopian properties and manuscripts were also looted by the Fascist Italians. Most sadly, Ethiopia’s educated manpower was systematically decimated. Mussolini was determined to conquer Ethiopia “with or without Ethiopians” as suggested by his commander in Ethiopia, Rodolfo Graziani.

To add insult to injury, a mausoleum was recently established to honor the Fascist criminal, Rudolfo Graziani at an Italian town called Affile. It is encouraging to note that an Italian court has adopted a verdict for its removal, although the decision is subject to an appeal.

We should also recall that although the Vatican has apologized to the Jews, the Latin American people and the people of Rwanda and has recognized the Ottoman Empire’s genocide against the Armenian people. It is painful, however, to know that it has yet to apologize to the Ethiopian people. It should also be noted that over 500 historic manuscripts looted from Ethiopia are currently in the custody of the Vatican library.

We would like to bring to Your Excellency’s attention that our Alliance has also previously submitted its letters of appeal to the Italian Government, the Vatican, the European Parliament, the African Union, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, the Association of Ethiopian Patriots, the Governments of USA and UK, etc. Among the many positive achievements we have, with the assistance of the Almighty, been able to achieve are the commemorations of Yekatit 12 by some 30 cities throughout the world including the one in Rome by Italian supporters, the signing of the petition on our website by 6,400 global

supporters so far calling on the Vatican to apologize to the Ethiopian people, the verdict obtained regarding Rodolfo Graziani by Italian and Ethiopian supporters, enhancing awareness

about the Fascist Italian war crimes with the support of certain media such as VOA, DWelle, ESAT, etc., encouraging responses by the EU Parliament and Cardinal Berhaneyesus, etc.

Our Alliance respectfully submits this appeal to Your Excellency.  GAJEC implores Your Excellency to take up the need for justice with the Italian Government as well as the apology required from the Vatican , so that the Ethiopian people finally achieve the remuneration and justice they deserve.


Finally, we thank Your Excellency for your outstanding leadership.


With the assurances of our highest respect.


Respectfully yours


Ermias Sahle Selassie, Prince, Chairman

Dr. Aklilu Habte, Member

Dr. Getatchew Haile, Member

Dr. Girma Abebe, Member

Dr. Astair Mengesha, Member

Dr. Mikael Wossen, Member

Dr. Jon Levy, Member

Dr. Steve Delamarter, Member

Mr. Nicola DeMarco, Member

Kidane Alemayehu, Executive Director



His Holiness Pope Francis I


H.E. Mr. Giuseppe Conte

Prime Minister of Italy


The African Union (AU)

The European Union (EU)


Genocide International


Assocn. Of Eth Patriots

Institute of Ethiopian Studies




December 5, 2018


Ms. Alessandra Mussolini, MEP

European Parliament

Rue Wiertz

Altiero Spinelli 10E261

1047 Brussels



Dear Ms. Mussolini,


The Global Alliance for Justice – The Ethiopian Cause is a nonprofit corporation that advocates for the recognition of the Italian Genocide in Ethiopia and is chaired by His Imperial Highness Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassie Haile Selassie, the grandson of Emperor Haile-Selassie I who along with Ethiopian patriots liberated the country from the Italian fascists under the leadership of Benito Mussolini.


Recently, you have been quoted in the press, praising the memory of your grandfather Benito Mussolini and threatening anyone who speaks ill of him.  While I am sure no one took your lack of justice seriously; it is still important to remind you that the crimes of Benito Mussolini did not fall only upon Italians.


Our organization is dedicated to exposing those behind the Fascist Italian genocide of the Ethiopian people during 1936-1941 whose prime mover and architect was your grandfather Benito Mussolini.


Your grandfather was responsible for not only the genocide in Ethiopia of a million victims including my grandfather, Grazmach (title) Gessese Fanta, but also helped make possible the genocide of hundreds of thousands of Orthodox Christian Serbs in Croatia 1941-1945.  He is double cursed as a result. And while his role in the Holocaust of the Jewish people was relatively minor compared to his comrade Adolf Hitler, he nonetheless ordered the cruel deaths of tens of thousands of Italian Jews.


Let me remind you of just a few historic facts about Benito Mussolini’s many crimes in Ethiopia:



In 1937, Rodolfo Graziani directed a three-day massacre of over 30,000 unarmed civilians in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, upon the orders of Benito Mussolini. Over 2,000 Orthodox Christian monks and parishioners were singled out and murdered at the Debre Libanos Ethiopian Monastery by Fascist Italians. People were dismembered, and soldiers took photos of the hangings, beheadings and torture proudly alongside their dead victims. The “Graziani Massacre” is well known to every Ethiopian. Graziani, prior to arriving in Ethiopia, was named “The Butcher of Libya.” In Libya, Graziani presided over concentration camps, used chemical weapons and murdered thousands of innocents for your grandfather too.


In Ethiopia, one million Ethiopians perished as a result of the genocidal Fascist occupation. 2,000 Orthodox Christian churches as well as 525,000 homes were destroyed. Vast quantities of Ethiopian properties were looted. The poison gas sprayed by numerous Fascists air planes also destroyed 14 million animals and the environment. The crimes of Benito Mussolini in Ethiopia alone are too numerous to list here.


Whatever good your grandfather accomplished, if any, was erased by his genocidal crimes. Benito Mussolini stands among the top ranks of murderers of innocent victims in

Africa and Europe.  He alone is responsible for the deaths of at least 1.5 million Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia and former Yugoslavia, may his memory be cursed and reviled.


You are respectfully urged to strive for justice.





Kidane Alemayehu

Executive Director

Global Alliance for Justice: The Ethiopian Cause


CC: H.E. Mr. Sergio Mattarella

President of the Republic of Italy

Palazzo del Quirinale

00187 Roma



CC: Committee on Petitions Secretariat

European Parliament

Rue Wiertz

B1047 Brussels




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