Let us start the journey of freedom together – Habtamu Ayalew (chairman of the Millions Voice)



My name is Habtamu Ayalew. I am the public relation chief of the Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ),  and the chairman of the Millions Voice Movement.  The Millions Voice Movement, though initiated by the UDJ,  is a movement of the millions.  The cause of freedom, democracy, justice and Ethiopia unity, are not only issues of the UDJ but of every Ethiopian.

In our Ethiopia, the rights of expression, worship, and land ownership … have become something of a rare commodity. Each one you,  knows the problems that exist in our country.  You know the many misguided policies of the regime, for you suffer because of them. Our Ethiopia has become a paradise to the few and hell to the rest of us.

This must end.  The question is not whether we can  end it or not. The question is if we want to end it or not.

If and when the people demands change and accountability, it would surely be the end of tyranny. To the contrary, the slower we become to stand up for our right, the further delayed would be our freedom.

Believing in the power of the people, and to provide platforms for people to make their voices heard,  the UDJ has called massive demonstrations in Addis Ababa and Gidole, a southern region town. Appropriate authorities have given the necessary acknowledgements and intense preparation and campaigning are taking place.

Let us start the journey of freedom together. Let us remove the mask of fear.  Let us be counted on.  Let us be one of the millions. This Sunday May 4 2006, let those of us who live in Gedelo and Addis come out in full force and shout for democracy and justice. We have been hearing for 20 years only from  authorities. It is time for authorities to listen this for the people. It is time for the bell of freedom to ring.


May God Bless you!

May God bless Ethiopia!



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