Legacy of Malaku Bayen and the 76th Year Ethiopian Victory Day Celebration !!!!

By Tedla Asfaw

I want to thank the Woodlawn Cemetery staffs  for  facilitating the second trip on the 77th Anniversary of Malaku Bayen’s death, May 4, 1940. The first trip was an eye opening  for us as well as the Woodlawn Cemetery. Since then Malaku Bayen has been put among notables in the land mark cemetery of Woodlawn in Bronx.We informed the Ethiopian community and all who are interested in black history to  do their part in developing a lasting memory for the late Dr. Malaku Bayen and his wife Dorothy Bayen.

We have been doing our research  finding the close relatives of Malaku Bayen and Dorothy Bayen. We learned from an Ethiopian who met Malaku Bayen Jr. in the 1980s in Howard University Campus  the passing away of him shortly after he met him.
We are unable to find any other blood relatives to initiate lasting memories for both Maleku and Dorothy Bayen. We would like to put the name of Dorothy Bayen on the tombstone at the burial site and this can only be possible if family members comes forward.
On today’s trip  talking to Susan Olsen Director of Historical Service and other staffs we will be doing our part to share photos, documents and other materials related to Dr Malaku and Dorothy Bayen. We are thankful for the documents we got from Woodlawn Cemetery today.
We will contact the Congressional Library to get the picture of the three Ethiopians one of which Dr. Malaku Beyan who was received by Warren G. Harding the 29 president of USA, 1921-1923.
We will try also to get any close family member of Dr. Malaku Bayen from Ethiopia and the picture of the ward named after him in hospital in Ethiopia.
We will also try to find what kind of relationship Dorothy Bayen had with Ethiopia after the king returned to Addis Ababa five year after Italian Occupation in May 5, 1941 exactly one year after Dr. Malaku passed away.
Today on the 77 Anniversary of Dr. Malaku’s death we put a flower decorated by the flag he loves the Green, Yellow and Red. Malaku’s legacy has to be honored by the Ethiopian Community  and all  members of the organization he founded here in Harlem, the Ethiopian World Federation, Inc.
We also live streamed the importance of today’s visit and the unfinished struggle. Asking apology from the Vatican on her Unchristian behavior of siding with Fascist Italy and appropriate compensation for Ethiopia from Italian Government. The immediate dismantling of Mausoleum built for Graziani, the butcher of Addis Ababa 80 years ago, at Affili in Italy in the presence of a Vatican Representative is a constant reminder of humiliation and racism in our watch. We will not allow it to stand !!!!!
We wish all Ethiopians a Happy 76th Victory Day Celebration.
Long Live Ethiopia !!!
Long Live Ethiopian Patriots !!!
Long Live May 5/Miazia 27, 1941 !!!!


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