Prof. Merara Gudina detained after coming from official visit to European Union-Brussels

Dr. Merera Gudina
Dr. Merera Gudina

ESAT News-  This is really an insult for European Union officials to detain their guest for  giving  his testimony to European Union about Ethiopian Human Right Situation.

Also, reported on  #OromoRevolution Facebook –  We are hearing OFC’s Chairman Dr Merera Gudina has been arrested upon his return from speaking to the European Union. Yet to be confirmed.

45 mins ·RT: Unconfirmed reports have it that Dr Merera Gudina, a senior opposition leader, has been detained on arrival for having participated on EU hearing. #Ethiopia @eu_eeas

Dr Mararaa Guddinaa imala isaanii Awuroppaa irraa akkuma galaniin Wayyaaneen qabdee hidhaa geessuun himaamaa jira. Gara jaarmaya isaanittin mirkaneeffachuuf yaalaa jirra. Waan irra geenye isin beeksifna.

Jawar Mohammed

There is unconfirmed news that Dr. Merera Gudina has been detained because of participating in EU hearing.


  1. If we must die, should we not confiscate the unworthy lives of killer Woyanes first?
    We do not need machine guns to do that. A determined guy can club to death a few Woyanes even when they are armed.
    It is better to kill these born criminals, before they kill us anyway. Let us learn a lesson from our rular folks who smoke smoke away the swarm of locusts rampaging their crops. Let us also smoke and smother both the rapacious Woyane Tigre and their favorite menu menu, the ugly insect,the locust. The Tigres in TPLF are ruthless creatures that do not belong to the community of Ethiopians today.


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