It is about Time for the Amhara Ethnic Group to Defend itself and Survive! 

May 24, 2016

By Kirk Bekele

Editor’s Note: For the last 25 years, TPLF has committed unimaginable crime on the Amhara ethnic group. It has expelled Amharas from different part of the country not to mention the thousands who were mercilessly and savagely killed by TPLF or its surrogates. We have witnessed these horrible killings in the Ormoia region as well as in Southern Ethiopia. The population of Amharas has dwindled by 4.5 million since TPLF took power while other ethnic group increased considerably. What happened to the 4.5 million Amharas? They were ethnically cleansed.

Despite all these horror happening to the Amharas, no body came to their defense. Politicians and opposition media prefer to stay away from defending the Amharas from TPLF terror. Why? Supporting and defending Amharas is considered as a taboo and every hopeful politician or any opposition media including ESAT works hard to stay away from. And this is wrong. Not only politically wrong. It is immoral and downright shameful.

It is true that no one defends self better than one self. Don’t expect somebody to defend you more than you defend your self. If the Amhara ethnic group is to survive a possible holocust it has been facing till now or in the future, it has to defend itself by any means necessary. It is a matter of life and death. It is not a matter of election and democracy. The Amhara ethnic group has to survive first before it plays any role in nation or democracy building or in any other fancy stuff.

We should support the organized Amhara groups in Wolkait and where ever they may be before it is too late. The Ethiopia we are trying to rebuild is a pipe dream when the survival of the main ally in building that dream is about to be marginalized and eventually exterminated. Those of you who are dreaming that big dream of building a really free Ethiopia and belong to the Amhara ethnic group, should contribute what they can where ever they are to save this important ally that can play a crucial role in restoring Ethiopia.


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