Inadvertently, the Intellectual Prostitutes Are Promoting Amara Genocides!

By Belayneh Abate

Like many other countries, Ethiopia has been inundated with intellectual prostitutes for the last half a century. These intellectual prostitutes are promoting the leaders of the Ethiopian Peoples Democratic Front (EPRDF) even at this juncture, when the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Amara is escalated to genocide throughout the country.

As we know, the Amara genocide perpetuators are hosted by EPRDF, a criminal organization that has been massacring, torturing and displacing Amaras for more than three decades. The intellectual prostitutes are acting as if they do not know the unholy EPRDF leaders “baptized” the genocide commanders and their mencha-soldiers.

It is historical fact and general knowledge that EPRDF was established to implement a jungle manifesto that falsely labelled Amaras as oppressors. Since this jungle manifesto became a “constitution”, EPRDF has killed more Amaras than the Hutus killed Tutsis during the Rwanda genocide.

In Rwanda, ethnic Hutus killed not only their neighbor Tutsis but also their Tutsi wives.[1] We have watched similar tendencies in Harergie, Bale, and Arusi provinces of Ethiopia this past week. Despite these dangers, many prostitute intellectuals are trying to shrug off the danger and cover up the Amara genocide with religious blankets.

Instead of naming it Amara genocide, they are calling it a religious conflict although the barbaric killers were chanting the EPRDF’s code for Amara- “get out nefitegna”.  To make the danger worse, the prostitutes are turning every stone to exonerate Abiy Ahmed, who is providing luxurious boarding and body guards for the perpetuators of the genocide. Even after Abiy (the phony prophet of addition) and Lemma (the fake pastor of addiction) said they will continue to work with the genocide commanders, the intellectual prostitutes are making the beds to sleep with these pastors of additions and addictions.

For the intellectual prostitutes of Ethiopia, sleeping with a criminal ruler is not new.  In 1991, when the Western and Arab backed Legesse Zenawi took power, many intellectual prostitutes bowed to his feet and served him like a jackass although he made the country land locked and cracked the country into ethnic lines and controlled the people like herds of cattle in barns.

Served by prostitute intellectuals, Zenawi’s EPRDF conducted ethnic cleansing of Amaras in Bedeno, Arbagugu, Arsi Negele, Adebabay Eyesus of Gondar and other places. [2-4] Legesse Zenawi slept with these intellectual prostitutes until he got enough of them and threw them like pieces of toilet paper. This fact heralds that even Satan despises intellectual prostitutes and hates to sleep with them forever.

Now, the same and similar intellectual prostitutes are engaged in the same type of prostitution with the political son of Legesse Zenawi. As anyone can imagine, the worst kind of prostitute is a prostitute that performs prostitution with the father and the son. The son, Abiy Ahmed, was a loyal spy and cadre of his father Legesse Zenawi. As it had been seen, Zenawi never promoted and appointed cadres, who do not exhibit strong hate for Amara or show deep love affairs to their stomachs. Despite these facts, the intellectual prostitutes fell in love with the Legesse’s son, who served as the director of his spy agency.

As most Ethiopians fully understand, the spy agency is responsible for the vanished 2.4 million Amaras, for the massacred thousands, for the tortured thousands, for the displaced millions and for the disappeared thousands. Zenawi rarely left his office to confine or kill people: It was his spies, who trapped millions through licking people’s ears and telephone wires.

Despite these historical facts, the intellectual prostitutes considered the spy as Mosses and worshiped him as a messenger of God merely because he mischievously said, “we are Ethiopians both in life and death”.  The intellectual prostitutes trusted the former spy more than the patriarchs and popes trust God.  Some consider him as their heart, others as their lungs. Some volunteered to serve as his propagandists and others as personal assistants. They nominated him for peace prize and danced with him for the prize. The anti-EPRDF party leaders dined with the criminal EPRDF leaders betraying and making their fighter comrades homeless.

The intellectual prostitutes forgot that their mosses participated in splitting Ethiopia into pieces, and in massacring and torturing of its citizens. The intellectual prostitutes forgot the victims of EPRDF including Asefa Maru, Asrat Woldeyes, Samuel Awoke, and many other martyrs in Wolkayit, Raya, Gondar, Gambella, Metekel, Ogaden, Bahirdar, Ambo, Debre-Brehan, Woldya, Debretabor, Bure, Dangla, Magete, Awasa and so on.

Abyote Ahmed will sleep with these intellectual prostitutes until he gets tired and throw them into trash cans as his father Legesse rightly did. In fact, he has already started since he has accomplished what his father achieved in 25 years just in one year. Like his father, the copy-cat Abyote, allowed his cousins to rob banks, he monopolized key government positions, the military, the police, the spy agency, the economy and the national medias.

Intellectual prostitutes always use forgiveness as excuse to justify their adulterous lives. Only devil knows who the hell these intellectual prostitutes are to forgive on the behalf of the dead souls. Even the beloved wife of Assefa Maru and his children do not have the supreme power to forgive on the behalf of martyr Asefa Maru. Even the children of the martyr professor Asrat do not have the highest power to forgive on the behalf of the giant martyr Asrat Woldeyes. Even the loving mother of Samuel Awoke, who raised a magnificent son of profound dignity, does not have the ultimate power to forgive on the behalf of a hero who lost his life at a very young age.

As “intellectuals”, these prostitutes know today’s generation is based on yesterday’ generation, and tomorrow’s is based on today’s generation. However, the intellectual prostitutes do not care about these binding chains and the dead souls as long as their prostitution adventure makes their infidel lives luxurious.

Amaras have been living in darkness for the last 50 years because intellectual prostitutes sided with their killers. Even at this critical time, when different forms of Amara genocides are intensifying, these intellectual prostitutes are preventing Amaras from organizing and defending themselves.

The Amaras shall understand that intellectual prostitutes are predisposing them to full blown genocides. The Amaras should realize that the intellectual prostitutes are thwarting them from standing united to defend themselves from the ongoing physical, economic, cultural, spiritual, educational and reproductive genocides.

Furthermore, the Amaras should understand that the worst intellectual prostitutes are the Amara- intellectual prostitutes because they are contributing for the demise of their own progenies. The Amaras should completely stop listening to the prostitutes and stand united to resist the ongoing multifactorial genocides. The Amaras should defy the intellectual prostitutes, who are inadvertently promoting Amara genocides!  Thank you.

End notes:


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  1. Initially Protest happened by Jawar Mohammed’s residence where the government security apparatus fearing for their own safety lives killed a handful of the protestors .That’s how the protest ended with the angry protestors running away fearing for their lives, at this point the number of the dead people were nomore than 10.

    Right after that is when the genocidal mob attack began with the Querro calling for the genocide to take effect quickly now, what previously was decided by Querro to take place at some other undecided unspecified time were called to start then, using the opportunity to loot and commit their ethnic cleansing that they had been preparing for, eventhough were not exactly sure when it was set to begin.

    That’s how the protest ended and a mob attack genocide started where estimated 100+ ethnic Amaras were killed by the coward Querros outside the protest area in places such as churches , health clinics , public transportations , schools and private residences of the victims.

    Burnt bodies beyond recognition of young boys and young girls , suspected of being bodies of those young boys and young girls detained taken by Querro in Adama area during the past few days are turning up in nearby farms and rivers, that is why the number of the dead is expected to climb up into the hundreds.Tourists and visitors are advised to avoid Adama area churches in Oromia region for indications of being heard that Querro is getting mobilized for another round of genocidal attack this Sunday morning at churches where ethnic Amaras are expected to attend.

  2. To all Amharas,

    Have you seen the the boy in the video killed by about 25 qerros? They were surrounding him beating him with big sticks all a the same time. It is better to live with hyenas than Qerros. You can only manage the way you manage mad dogs or hyenas. Get ready Amara!

  3. 78 people gone just like that!!! They were there yesterday tending to their own affairs at home but dead and gone today! These could be my sons, daughters or grandchildren with the whole world ahead of them!!! They’re gone just like that leaving behind wailing mothers, fathers and loved ones!!! O’ my beloved country!!! Woe for your lost children!!! Woe! Woe!! Woe!!!!

    In the meantime, those who instigated this senseless bloodletting are still having the life of their time. They are gabbling up their fillet mignon every night while grieving mothers are crying rivers outside for their lost sons and daughters!!! These unrepentant bigots have the audacity to stick dagger in the wounds of the mourning families by blaming the victims for their own deaths. Where did such so cruel creatures come from?

  4. While all these is taking place ex athlete Haile Gebreselasie is busy trying to sue Facebook for causing the attacks.


    Neither Facebook nor OMN Jawar Mohammed did lay a finger themselves on the victims or transmitted an order to hold attacks on the massacred people .

    If anyone is to blame, it is
    1. The Ethiopian government judiciary system who left Querro to freely massacre ethnic Amara people for the longest of times by disregarding the outcries.

    2.Both the regional and the Ethiopian central government security apparatuses who failed to do their job of protecting citizens due to a lack of a capable willing commander in chief that is able to command as their duty requires them to do so.

    3.Of course the hulligan Querro barbarians who did the killings.

    ExAthlete Haile Gebresselasie should assist in documenting or in collecting scientific evidences that won’t perish through time by doing that he might scare away any potential taking of evidences by the guilty at the areas of where victims are around..

  5. Side effects of Medemer are no rule of law , genocide , civil war , economic meltdown or in short reign of anarchy.

    Knowing who , when , how , why , for what intention is prerequisite to Medemer or in other words knowing what Medemer brings to you or others after you are medemering is the key.

    For example, me I don’t suggest just because medemering is said to be right thing to do , to go Medemer with forces of evil.

    Personally I have a personal rule for me
    1.I don’t Medemer to forces of evil that break promises .

    2. I don’t Medemer to those that do not do what I order them to do at the time I requested them to do as I specified them to do so.

    3. I Medemer to those that don’t medemer just because they feel they got a new fashion for it.I don’t medemer with those flakes, who are ready to mechefleqe me when new fashion of thinking comes out that they hear about.

  6. Call them what you call them but I prefer to call them those hopeless souls .

    They were made to loose hope by EPRDF/Tplf almost three decades ago.They had not survived since then,. The death of Asrat Woldeyes was the final nail ion the coffin. Now it is time to resurrect the offsprings.

    Professor Asrat Woldeyes went to North Shewa making his historical speech in early 1990’s, since then almost all of the Menzes you encounter now been in pockets of EPRDFtplfites just being paid by TPLF to get against Professor Asrat Woldeyes.
    Who was not willing to be in pocket got massacred is continueung to be massacred for more than two decades until now not by anybody else but by themselves who stayed in pockets.

    New generation Menze tried too much diplomatic niceness for the past decades till now towards all, be it towards Querro , be it towards Kinijit, be it towards TPLF , be it towards ODP…. List goes on ..not towards themselves though, that is why Querro don’t like Menze kids anymore even though some Querro and some Menze spent two decades together, who they grew up together in the same area Menze had been too victimized by EPRDF tplf people sadly still continuing to be victimized with that mentality followers.

    Naturally most Ethiopians be it Querro or not, almost all Ethiopians lost trust on EPRDF TPLF ,they don’t think ADP EPRDF TPLF affiliated is to be trusted regardless how much diplomacy menze practices about the reform they got no clue about, because the next day the menze are snitching to whoever about today. Menze to much diplomacy made them snitches.

    All Debre Berhan , Kemise , Ataye attack wouldn’t have taken place if Menze was not over diplomatic towards Querro.
    Menze been told by REFORMED EPRDF but didn’t listen, all Menze had to do was be cautious but Menze trying their diplomatic skills gave up being cautious, Those attacks led to Menze officials in military accusing Asaminew then Asaminew accused Ambachew the rest is history.

    all that would have been prevented if Menze was not too diplomatic towards Querro and took caution as supposed to.

    Asamimew getting to angry because menze temzaze accused the Amara military themselves would not have happened, they (military officials Menzes)metemzezed the reality because they know they could have been cautious. Menze Temzaze didn’t

    Querro wants to be Querro , not wants to be in “diplomatic relations” with Menzes Areqe friendship diplomacy.

  7. It is Amazing how you seek justice selectively …. Amharas killings of Oromo, Kimant and Gumuz besides ur historical notoroity and ignorance filled chauvinism is what makes u hated … God will contjnue to repay u for ur ignorance!!!


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