Immorality and complicity with the TPLF policy of killing and displacing the Amhara in Benishangul.

by Kaleab Tessema

Actually, there has been a pattern of massively murdering and displacing the Amharas for the last 27 years by the TPLF and its agents in every region in the country, but the recent gruesome massively attacked a young boy’s genitals being removed in Benishangul is very disturbing and savagely cruel. This barbarous act emphatically shows that the TPLF is deliberately planning and wilfully caused the deaths and sufferings of the Amhara, which is a crime of moral turpitude.

Strangely enough, it is not seen or heard by any of the opposition groups or advocacy in the country condemning this unprecedented and diabolical act perpetrated on 14 -year- old Amhara by the TPLF agents. It is stunning that how people could tolerate seeing a young boy with his genitals removed and thrown on the street.

The TPLF has had a long term goal of the destroying the Amhara and of course, a million of Amharas have been murdered since the TPLF controlled the country. The Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) intention was crystal clear that its ultimate goal was to secede from Ethiopia, by falsely accusing the Amhara by spewing hate-mongering propaganda that Tigray is being destitute economically poor and vagrant. This an utterly false accusation and an utterly scurrilous threat became the TPLF’s an implacable policy of the ethnic Amhara that its virulence still makes one wince.

Frankly speaking in the past, no Amhara went to Tigray to look for economic opportunity. The TPLF tried to launch its political mission over the Amhara people using sophistry to convince the west that the Amhara people were the oppressors and trying to take control of Tigray and its economy. This of course is a falsehood and entirely untrue.

It is vice versa, now at this time, it is an Amhara ethnicity who downtrodden by the TPLE regime, which the TPLF and its associates never realized its folly that created hostility and enemies between the Tigre ethnicity and others.  At one time the big enemy of the Ethiopian, the late TPLF chief had promised to his cabals that he would make the Amhara beggars on the street and to an extent, he tried to wipe-out the Amhara from Welkait, and still the people of Welkait under TPLF without respite from suffering. These heinous crimes created an ethnic-racial tension to fester throughout the country. Look what happened between ethnic Oromo and ethnic Somali.

Nevertheless, I reiterate in my previous pieces that the Amhara is one of the large segments and rooted people in the country that the Tigray oligarchies could never eliminate the Amhara.

Despite the fact, from my perspective, if this vampire regime stays in power for the next 20-30 years, say, hypothetically, there will be the possibilities of making the Amhara a minority ethnic group. If the TPLF and its cronies continue orchestrating ethnic cleansing to every part of the country where the Amharas live, it may become a reality. If I recall correctly, the late TPLF leader bragged that if “we want, we can make the Oromos minority.”  This is a tangible evidence having a suspicious.

A few years ago, I wrote an article about Melese legacy where the TPLF tripped, and I mentioned the TPLF’s hideous crime on Amharas populations:

“Sadly enough, the TPLF brutal killing of innocent Amharas peasants in the southern part of the country was not enough; the TPLF tried to inject some sort of sterilizer into Amhara women that would make them unable to conceive.  Further, a few years ago a report given to Woyanne parliament about the disappearance of 2.4 million Amharas in the census conducted was evidence. The TPLF tried any means necessary to reduce the number of the Amhara population. These diabolic actions on Amharas, it is not new, it is already in the record.”

Meles’ Legacy Is Tripping The TPLF

Funny enough, I happened to read a warning rebuttal written in Amharic by Abraham Desta the Arena Tigray chairman, posted on saying that Welkait will be the battlefield if the Amharas do not give up on Welkait. He continues saying he told to the Amharas activist that the question of expanding territory is inconceivable, and there is no way for the Amhara to take back Welkait from Tigrayan. In other words, it will be the end of the Amharas if they think of about Welkait. That is what he meant!

I would not be surprised by his skin deep shallow comment. This narrow minded ethnocentric-Tigryan tries to brag that the Woyanne-Tigre is superior and strong in every aspect of, like militarily and economically, which he seemed a gullible person who falls in the TPLF’s old trick, because the Tigryans peasants are heavily armed in Welkait and in Humera whereas the Amharas’ peasant guns have been taken by TPLF forces, and that is why Abraham Desta tries to threaten the Amhara as if Welkait was part of Tigray even before Woyanne went to the bush.

Arena chairman knows very well that Welkait was never be part of the Tigray region. Let me acquaint him with some facts that, if the Amhara dies for its land which is forcibly taken by an expansionist regime, is legitimate and justified, but if a Tigryan dies for a land which does not belong to them is meaningless and insane. I know for sure Abraham is worried about the survival of the TPLF regime if it begins to wind down, which is inevitable.

As it is known to all, in the TPLF’s manifesto outline said that apart from “capitalism and imperialism,” the number one enemy of the Tigray people is Amhara. Unfortunately, the ordinary Amhara never knew the Woyanne’s ill will against Amhara people, and the TPLF for a solid 17 years organized and accumulated a large hoard of weapons so that it could easily crush its enemy. Obviously, the Amhara where indiscriminately slaughtered and evicted from their own land, which is genocide.

Here something TPLF should know that killing the Amharas for the sake of repugnancy, will not bring peace or prosperity for the Tigray people. It brings chaos that leads to the war between ethnicities. The TPLF formulated ethnic and language-based federalism in order to stay in power. Now the TPLF’s power is weakening.  “Divide and  Rule,” in the 21 century is an obsolete idea that initially the system planned by the TPLF to isolate and target the Amhara, which is a primitive and show the ignorance of the Woyanne.

As I mentioned above, brutality and displacing of the ethnic Amhara from every region in the country has been occurring for the past 27 years. But, this recent merciless attack is very painful on a 14 years old boy being mutilated and displayed on the street by the TPLF agents in Benishangul is extremely heinous.





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