General Seare’s last moments

By Tesfaye Getnet
The story began like this. According to a close family of General Seare Mekonnen, on 22 June Saturday around 7pm, the Commander in Chief of the Ethiopian Army was rushing home from his office to meet one of his friends waiting for him at his villa house located at the back of Desalgne Hotel around Bole Atlas. The commander reached home around 8pm and hugged his friend who was coming to say congratulations about Ma’asho Seare, his son, who graduated a week ago from the university. Then the two friends sat down in small chairs which were put on the balcony of the house.

Usually when General Seare Mekonnen and Brigadier General Gezai Abera met they laughed by remembering the old incidents and happenings in the war they both participated in.
The two friends who had been close friends since the armed struggle against to topple the Derg regime would visit each other whenever they had free time. Seare was playing a great role in the Ethio-Eritrea war in addition to defeating the Derge solders in Guna Mountain and evacuating them in Dessie. ‘Aba Hawi’ was his nick name which means fire to describe how brave he was in war tactics. PM Abiy Ahmed who understood his bravery assigned him to lead the army a year ago. Gezai who has three children was widely known for his brave logistic management by purchasing army material.
Gezai said, “sorry my friend I was not able to come to your son’s graduation ceremony last week due to my busy schedule” and Seare said with a smiling face, ‘No problem.’’
Colonel Tsige, the wife of the General Seare brought them wine and went to the kitchen to bring food. But then suddenly their lives were snuffed out. The young guard of General Seare whose age is in between 25 and 27 and named Mesafint Tigabu came alone to the balcony and pulled the trigger of his gun and showered bullets into the two friends.
Loud screams began to be heard around the area. Colonel Tsige along with her daughter started crying and screaming in the room she was hiding in. Nobody came but there was continuous gun firing. After a couple of minutes other guards who were outside of the house went into the house and they found the two friends lying on the ground bleeding and dying. In the middle the of the generals Mesafint was also lying and families picked the two generals and took them to Washington Medical Center around 7:30 pm but the generals had already passed away before they reached the hospital.
A close family member said, “You know what happened while the two generals went to the hospital people heard that the person who killed them was in the ground and everybody thought he had died but it is was not like that. He pretended as if he was dead. But he latter tried to run and one of the guards shot him around his legs and he then entered into a small guard house and then there was more gun fire until eventually he shot himself and the security guards pulled him out and took him to the hospital.’’
Though Washington Medical center refused to give any information regarding with the deaths of the friends, General Seare’s close family said the guard showered 10 bullets in Seare’s body.
“It is a very sad day for us. We lost big men. Our hero died in front of his children who won several wars. And it is a shame to kill a General by his own guard who was assigned to protect him,’’ said Colonle Tekelay W/Giorgis a longtime friend of General Seare.
A close family source told Capital that Mesafint, who had been working for Serae for four months was asking officials to change him from the general’s house. And Colonel Tsige was also not comfortable with Mesafint and frequently asked her husband to replace the guard with another one but the General was not interested in her opinion and instead continued trusting the guard.
Two or three hours ago before the generals’ deaths big shocking news was also heard from Bahir Dar when the Amhara Region President, Ambachew Mekonnen was assassinated.
According to Amhara Mass Media (AMM) seven of central committee member of the Amhara Democratic Party were in meeting in their head office. Around 5 PM a group of armed men entered in to the office and headed to the meeting office and killed three of the central committee members including regional president, Ambachew Mekonnen, his adviser Ezzeze Wassie, and the regions attorney general Megbaru Kebede. According AMM the top officials killed were led by Amhara’s security chief, Brigadier General Asaminew Tsige.
“While we were in the meeting and discussing how to handle the region’s peace, gun fire was heard outside of our office and when we looked from the window it was Asamnew who was ordering men to go to us and kill people. Ezzeze Wassie was trying to close the door to save our life but in the end three died and four of us survived from the horrible incident,” said Melaku Alebel, Amhara Regional State Investment Commissioner.
Both Ambachew Mekonnen and his adviser Ezzeze Wassie were part of the EPDRF arm who fought the Derge regime. Both of them were gaining acceptance in their work in the region.
Melaku was asked if there was any tense disagreement between Asaminew Tsige and the others central committee members.
“No! Like any human being we might have differences but we had not that much a big gap which could cause us to kill each other. Three days before the incident we had a meeting and Asaminew was happy so we did not expect him to kill our brothers.”
After the incident more than 300 people were arrested in connection with the case. The mastermind, Asaminew was killed in a town called Zenzelima, 15 km away from Bahir Dar.
Brigadier General Tefera Mamo, head of the region’s special forces is also detained in connection with the assassination of high level government officials.
In Addis also more than 100 people have also been arrested in connection with the coup attempt and other suspected terrorist activities and their cases have gone to court.
What really motivated Asaminew to kill the leaders and who is behind General Seare Mekonnen’s assassination has not been fully answered by the government who was saying simply the incident was part of the failed coup attempt.
But some politicians and dwellers in the country say that the government has failed to secure the country’s peace.
Kinfe Michael Abebe (Abebe Kesto) says that the recent killing of the officials is the result of poor consensus and a big division among the ruling party.
“I was sleeping when I heard the news form my friend who called me. And I said to myself where are we going and what we can we do to save our nation. They told us that EPRDF is a strong party but we have seen that they are killing each other and they don’t respect one another. We are observing that one ethnic class is trying to dominate another and one region is building its own special force and currently it is not safe to move freely in the country and we have reached the right time to change the constitution and to ease the burden of ethnic clashes otherwise we will get into big trouble because we cannot make peace in the way we are following now.’’
Teshome Behailu, a dweller in Addis said that Abiy’s government must act like a soldier not like a preacher.
“I am pleased about some of the things that this government has done. But war lords are everywhere. They can do whatever they want. As a citizen I feel unsafe traveling to somewhere in the country. I have seen that the government is doing nothing when juvenile men are disturbing the country. It is the time to act not only to speak.”
A security officer in the government told Capital that government should deeply investigate the police and the security staff to make stable peace in the country.
“We have heard that the higher military staff was killed his own guard and this story is telling us there is hidden agenda among some of the security staff and we have to sit and investigate this case. When we see the crime in the country we have seen also some of the police are part of the crime which let citizen’s to feel fear in their own country and this case also need deep looking and solutions to save the country from recurrent disability.’’
But for well-known politician Kebede Chane the meaning of freedom and democracy is wrongly interpreted in the country which has cost many lives.
“Is that democracy? To see mob justice? Is that freedom? To block roads and kill people with hatred and ethnic discrimination? The news that we heard from Bahir Dar and Addis last Saturday is totally against our culture and values. We have to work in the media to shape the wrong things being done in the country and the government should also look inside to find a way to stop war lords and to make sustainable peace in the country.”




  1. Very, very sad indeed! A child witnessing her dad being savagely gunned down right there at their residence? I don’t know how someone is going to come out of the shock of this magnitude. There is no question about it. This is another episode where one young countryman so aroused and angered as a consequence of persistent poisonous diatribes by beyond-repair bigots goes out in a shooting rampage. Such senseless crime should not happen again. Three other countrymen in the Amhara regions were also victims of someone blinded by uncontrolled anger as a consequence of similar and usually exaggerated claims by those blinded by bigotry. Nobody should be proud of this or justifies it. It is another savage crime. You can see such mad bigots everywhere. I don’t see many that extreme on this website but you can see them everywhere else. It seems that they were able to own many other websites. You see them how they use pejorative terms and phrases to address ethnic groups. ‘You Amhara this, you Oromo that, you Tigre this and you whatever you are that’!!! They hand them out to you like candies. When I read the filthy words they use to call others they don’t like, I begin to have questions about them if they are the products of those glorious and so-cultured people I know. I understand the objective of website editors/owners. In this Alexa rating world, sustaining commercials do not come knocking on the door if the hits are so low. The thought process could be the more outrageous and controversial comments and articles posted on a given website the more hits it generates. Just like in the good ole days(to some extents still holds true) that at trade shows the more traffic to your booth the better chance to go back to your factory with a bundle of new orders. But in this case widgets and nifty products are not for sale but sales of poisonous and destructive diatribes are allowed to go rampant. Many of these bigots are well read individuals. All I can say to them is ‘Shame on you. I wish you were not even born’.

    I am not talking about those who criticize the current regime or its leaders. Once you are holding the mantle of the regime, you are a fair game. There should not be anyone deemed untouchable. I have the right, everyone who is part of the stake holding group of people including those of us in the Diaspora have the right to put the feet of the leader and his/her officials to the fire peacefully and in civil/constructive manner, when fallacy is seen or detected. That is part of a healthy life in democratic governance. In such environment a leader and his/he administration will not pick one over the other. If I, as an Oromo, call for or promises violence during gatherings of my supporters, should be summoned by the law enforcement or the FBI of that country explain what I meant by that. I should also be reminded that there is a just law that prohibits violence and be warned for that. Otherwise failure to do so will open the door for bigots and they will spin it until it reaches at fever pitch. Then it only takes one, the one who does not possess the intellectual horse power or the naturally given sophistication to look thru what the bigots are spinning to death for him to go out on murderous spree.

    That is when I came back to a desperate call I made to the leaders of the two major religions here among us in USA, Europe and Oceania. You should pass a common edict condemning such behavior by bigots and should never allow them to use your podium to spew their lethal poison among your herds. For that old country, that gem of the colored, that place defied by both religions, the country and the only one that showed the world the two giant religion can live in peace side by side. No one should tell me about it. No foreigner should lecture me about it. I had seen and lived it. My father, uncles, kin and kits were tilling the same land with their Christian neighbors. I had seen them harvesting the bumper crop of their grinding effort together. I had seen them praising the lord together for his blessing. What more do we need to prove that. That is what bigots of our time trying to send it asunder. There should be a sense of urgency to stem this scourge seen feeding on the raw emotion and susceptible minds of the young generation. That country was given all the chances and this is it. The violence these bigots are spawning will only beget violence and violence has proved to us all that it will only be used to change faces with the mantle on the top. Dear leader! You are the last chance and it is all in your hands!!! These bigots are not men/women of The Almighty Our Creator!!! They have turned into unrepentant demons!!! They sit here in their comfy homes and dispense poisonous pills to the gullible among your flock. They should be expurgated from your houses of worship and be made irrelevant. That is how America was able to triumph over the evil bigots and still does that. Because of these bigots it feels like there are fewer devils left in hell now than before. You should be united and condemned them. A house of worship with fewer prayers is so right comparing the one full and dominated by hate mongers. Again, this is it for the old country!!! Every one of us should unite in preventing the worst. The barbarians are at the gate salivating at the possibilities of its demise. Mankind CAN NOT AFFORD TO LOSE THAT HOLY PLACE!!!!


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