Former Derg aide Eshetu Alemu to go on trial for war crimes

THE HAGUE – Eshetu Alemu, a former aide to Mengistu Haile Mariam – leader of the Derg regime which saw millions killed throughout Mariam’s 17-year rule in Ethiopia – will go on trial in the Netherlands next week for allegedly committing war crimes during the regime’s rule in the late ‘70s.

According to Reuters, Alemu, 63 – who currently holds Dutch citizenship – was one of Mengistu’s “representatives” in the province of Gojam. Alemu is accused of incarcerating over 200 Ethiopians, inhumane treatment, and ordering the killing of 75 “young prisoners” in the late ‘70s, based on findings by the International Crimes Team of the Dutch law enforcement.

Though Mengistu was convicted of genocide and sentenced to death ‘in absentia’ by the Ethiopian government in 2007, he continues to live in Zimbabwe, where he has lived in exile since fleeing the country in 1991.



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