For the last twenty-six years, sadly some of us have stood by when the Woyane regime hailing from a minority ethnic group has been terrorizing the Ethiopian people and committing numerous atrocities. These atrocities have not abated because some of us have chosen to allow Woyane’s ethnic ideology to take hold of our politics and political consciousness.

Much to the chagrin of the Woyane, however, most Ethiopians have not fallen under the sway of this pernicious ideology. On the contrary, our people are united in their determination to struggle together regardless of their ethnic identity until liberty and freedom are achieved. Of course, the Woyane, like all dictators everywhere, will continue to divide, oppress and kill our people in order to stay in power.

Recently, the Woyane regime instigated and organized the massacre of innocent Amharas in Chora district of Illubabor in order to divert the Oromo uprising from the increasingly national character that it has been assuming. Of course, this is not the first time that Amharas have been targeted for mass murder with the support and connivance of the ruling regime. Woyane’s divide-and-rule policies have previously targeted Amharas resulting in their massacre in many places including Bedeno, Arba Gugu, Wollega, Gura Ferda, Wolkait-Tegede, Chilga, Metema, Shinfa, to name just a

few. What makes the most recent massacre different from the past, however, is that it occurred while the Ethiopian people are in the midst of taking determined steps to forge unity as the only path to end ethnic division and the life of the tyrannical regime. History and the law will never absolve the regime for its for its direct and indirect involvement the massacre of innocent people.

It is important that the Ethiopian people take stock of Woyane’s subterfuges and nefarious deeds and draw appropriate lessons therefrom. It should be clear to all that the obvious purpose of inciting inter-ethnic conflict by the regime is to deflect the

people’s anger against it. As was recently witnessed in the middle of the country in




Semien Shoa, Selaale and Merha-Bete government-backed agents- provocateurs sought to incite violence against the police with the purpose of provoking them to turn their guns against peaceful protestors. However, with the cooperation and support of local residents the ploy was foiled and the agents-provocateurs were apprehended.

Ethnic oppression is a common dirge in the Northern part of our country as well, particularly in Wolkait, Tegede, Humera and Kaftya areas of the Gonder region. We feel deeply saddened and aggrieved by the pain and plight of the denizens of these regions. In furtherance of its policy of ethnic cleansing the regime recently threw into jail a number of the business owners that remained in the region for defying the regime’s ban of the Amharic language on their store fronts as well as for asserting their ethnic identity. These actions serve only to heighten our indignation and stiffen our resolve to terminate the life of the minority regime.

We are encouraged in this by the fact that the minority regime’s tyrannical rule is well understood at home and abroad both by the forces struggling to bring about its end as well as by the international community. Even the United States Government which for a long time has been supporting the regime has recently shown signs of a change of attitude. Departing somewhat from its past practice it recently called upon the regime to refrain from using violence against peaceful protestors merely for demanding their rights. It is also noteworthy that high-ranking officials of the regime who have been traumatizing the population for the last twenty-six years have recently begun to jump ship in an effort either to avoid legal accountability for their crimes or to hoodwink the people by joining their ranks. Even among those who have chosen to stay with the regime serious cracks are visible both within the ruling coalition and within each of the coalition partners. In sum, to all appearances the shelf-life of the Woyane is about to expire and we must all work together to replace it by a democratic government.

Gonder Hibret for Ethiopian Unity firmly believes that the Woyane regime is rotten to the core and is beyond reform. The only path forward for all of us who believe in a united and democratic Ethiopia is to forge unity among ourselves and for each one of us do our part to foil once for all Woyane’s nefarious tactic of staying in power by fomenting ethnic division and conflict. Accordingly, we call upon all Ethiopians to rise up in unison – as did the population of Gonder and Gojjam last year– to prevent the Woyane from prolonging its rule by crushing the current wave of protests by the Oromo population.

Finally, we would like to remind the people of Tigray and its intellectuals alike that the Woyane regime – its pretenses to the contrary notwithstanding – does not stand for or represent your interests and your future. It purports to speak in your behalf merely to prolong its rule, not to further your interests. We are not unmindful that the so-called Tigray People’s Liberation Front (“TPLF”) does not really represent the people of Tigray but it rules in your name and relies upon you as its base of support.

You should know that the TPLF is on its last legs. It behooves all Tigreans of goodwill and good conscience to disassociate from the ruling clique, condemn its evil deeds and join the nation-wide chorus against injustice and ethnic division and for freedom and equality. Remaining silent in the face of unspeakable injustice and ethnic dictatorship against the Ethiopian people is no longer an option. You should to remember that the resentment and anger felt by other Ethiopians are deep and may boomerang against you. This is not intended as a threat but as a statement of the likely consequences of the regime’s policy of governing by fomenting ethnic conflict.



Long Live Ethiopia!

Gonder Hibret for Ethiopian Unity.


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