Arkebe Oqubay proposal:Ethiopia to use Eritrean Port in the coming 10 years


Arkebe Oqubay proposes Ethiopia to use Eritrean Port in the coming 10 years


  1. The good old fable says “an old dog never learn a new trick”. The same old dog is literally parroting what his late buddy, Meles Zenawi, once infamously said “let the Eritreans make Assab a watering well for their camels. There is nothing new Arqebe to offer. He is just the same little retarded guy who hailed from the wilderness. The reality is, Ethiopia becomes a milking cow for Djibouti and shading millions of dollars every day which may have saving its 20 million starving citizens.
    Nothing further the truth, Ethiopia is under the mercy of Djibouti, Kenya or Somaliland politically, economically and deplomatically. Dictatorship is not new phenomenon for the world, but a dictator willfully destroying core national interest of the country it ruled is found only in Ethiopia. Whatever, exercises may be given, Ethiopians will never ever forgive TPLF and company with regards to land locking the country.


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