Ethiopia : ONLF and Ethiopian Soldiers Clash in Ogaden Region

Rebel in Ethiopia’s occupied Ogaden and Ethiopian Security Forces clash near Degahbur town of Ogaden region. The fighting has recent escalated following the killing of ONLF Commander near Sagag. Fighters from Independent Movement, Ogaden National Liberation Army or ONLA and Ethiopian Paramilitary Force known as Liyuu police or Special Force have engaged in skirmish around Ogaden Village of Las-Galol, about 160 Kilometres South-East of the city of Harar, Qorahay Media reports.
Ogaden war
The skirmish took place after Liyuu Police chased away women and children from water wells near the village of Las-galol and Ogaden National Army (ONLA) received the news from its informants.

Although no details were made the casualties of the warring sides, fighting between Ogaden National Liberation Army and Ethiopian Security Forces occur on daily basis.

Reliable sources told Qorahay Media that the Ethiopian Security Forces avenged on residents of Las-galol by shooting every single person that encountered them. The villagers are accused of being ONLA informants and that’s why the Liyuu Police killed the residents of Las-galol.

However, the fighting has recent escalated after Ethiopian Security Forces killed an ONLF Commander, Mustafe Haybe, and several other fighters. ONLA says it has killed 120 Ethiopian Soldiers. Ethiopian-run media has confirmed of the clashes and published images of killed journalist, Mohamed Dawil and his cameraman. The Images appeared to show the use of severe tortures.

On Thursday, ONLA and Ethiopian Security forces clashed in Galalshe around the capital City of Jigjiga -the casualties yet remain unknown. Ethiopia and ONLF did not comment on the Galaalshe clashes.

The ONLF was founded in 1984 and it has been fighting for the Independent of oil-rich Ogaden region, which borders Somalia, Kenya and Djibouti and its people never really accepted an Ethiopian identity since the British handed over to Ethiopia in 1954.

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