Eskinde Nega At UN !! A Brief Time With A Humble Man !!!

By Tedla Asfaw
It was a memorable night with a remarkable man. Eskinder Nega Tour in America brought Ethiopians in large numbers with great passion  last month.
Some came to see him from far sometimes very hard to meet him to thank him personally or take picture with him for being a symbol of peace, freedom  and justice for more than two decades.
However, this humble man was reluctant to come to UN yesterday Dec.3 to warn on the hanging  cloud of “genoicide” like that of Rwanda94 in Ethiopia.
There was no date set for his coming to New York City because of a very tight schedule. He needs to return home shortly where he expects a huge challenge for him and “The Addis Ababa Take Care Council” shortly “Balderas” he chairs.
As professor Getachew Haile one of the delegates to UN on last night organized brief dinner with Ethiopians before Eskinder returned to DC the same night told us he was  very quite and seems forced  providing  the documents to UN. As he said and truly believed he was not happy to expose our “dirt” what we call “Gebena,ገበና” to the world. Ethiopians are not known to the world on such characters.
It was a somber night in a cold Dec.3 in NYC and all who came to see Eskinder Nega by text message were lucky to talk to him and thank him personally.
Ms. Tsigereda Mulugeta who was one of the delegates and the organizers of the UN meeting will  follow the case and report accordingly.
The love and support Eskinder received  from fellow Ethiopians he met in America  and the large numbers of the Ethiopian Diaspora followers respect will energize him to Keep on fighting for justice and freedom in Ethiopia for which he gave his life !!!!!


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