ESAT Radio – Thu 22 Sept 2016

ESAT Daily News DC Thu 22 Sept 2016
ESAT Daily News DC Thu 22 Sept 2016


  1. Makes you wonder who is behind this kind of conspiracy and fraud to put this fascist woyane thug in this position. Adhanom is part of a corrupt, ethno-fascist , murderous junta that is not fit for anything, let alone be at the helm of world health organisation
    Mere association with such a group would disqualify this woyane thug from the contest. just the mention of his name would be an offence .. he would not be fit to be a janitor!. He must be locked up in prison for crime against humanity and face judgement in the ICJ.

    Adhanom, who is soaked in the blood of innocent Ethiopians cannot be expected to be a caring person for the health of the world. it is a complete joke and a fraud of immense proportions.


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