DUP Leader Supports Addis Ababa Agreement on National Dialogue

KHARTOUM – The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) led by Mohamed Osman Al-Mirghani announced its support for the agreement on the national dialogue and constitutional process and warned against the continuation of war and the current international isolation.

29d17979-88a4-838bThe eight point-deal signed in Addis Ababa calls for a peaceful settlement to the armed conflicts and urge to implement confidence building measures before to hold an inclusive and comprehensive conference inside the country.

The agreement “is a step forward in the way of desired comprehensive national reconciliation in Sudan,” al-Mirghani said in a speech delivered through video conference from London where is residing since a year ago.

Al-Mirghani who was addressing his party members further called to strengthen the deal and to take further steps aiming to bridge the gaps and build confidence between the stakeholders.

The Sudanese parties have to make the necessary efforts in order to “achieve peace and establish a free, democratic and stable country,” he said warning that the “current path followed by the country only leads to war and international isolation”.

The DUP and Khatmiyya sect on Thursday celebrated the 46th anniversary of the death of sect leader and party founder Ali Al-Mirghani in Khartoum North.
Al-Mirghani renewed his call to reach a national programme aiming to address the challenge threatening the country.

He further pointed out that the national consensus he is calling for is based on three pillars: “prioritising national issues over partisan interests, inclusivity of the national dialogue without excluding any party and the need to create a conducive environment by ensuring freedoms, release of political detainees and an amnesty for those who are politically prosecuted”.

The Sudanese government and the opposition forces agree on the need to hold a national dialogue to end war in South Kordofan, Blue Nile and Darfur region. Also they agree on need to reach a national agreement on constitutional reforms after the independence of South Sudan.

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