Drunk Ethiopian embassy staff vows to cause war with Turkey after accidents

A staff member from the Embassy of Ethiopia in Ankara was involved in two accidents late Sunday, refusing to take a breath test while causing a hard time for police officers and locals.

The drunk driver first hit a car in the underpass leading to Tunus Street in Çankaya district and then fled the scene with his vehicle. Only 700 meters away, he hit another car and caused it to collide with a taxi, injuring one person.

When police arrived at the scene and wanted to apply an alcohol test to the drunk man, he refused.

The man was also involved in an argument with other drivers, who reportedly said that he would create a diplomatic crisis between Turkey and Ethiopia.

Burak Apaydın, the driver of the second car hit by the drunk embassy staff, claimed to reporters that the man said, “I will cause war between Turkey and Ethiopia.”

Passers-by confirmed Apaydın’s accounts.

The man was taken to a police station for further processing.

Source: https://www.dailysabah.com


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