Breaking News: Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Haileamriam Dessalegn Submits Resignation Letter

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Haileamriam Dessalegn has submitted Resignation letter today, state media outlets have reported.

Haileamariam  became an accidental Prime Minister in September 2012 when the later Prime Minister Meles Zenawi died.

Hailemariam never welded real power since he was only serving within a deeply and ethnically entrenched government run by the Tigre Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF)/EPRDF.

According to De Birhan‘s sources, Hailemairam lost the Chairmanship of his regional party, Southern Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement (SEPDM), last week, when the Movement voted Siraj Fergesa, the current Minister of Defence to be the Chairman of SEPDM. SEPDM’s meeting was suspended on Monday.

He has been criticized for incompetency since he came to power by opponents as well as his own Front.

The News of his possible abdication was being circulated since the end of last year.

On a Live TV address on the State Television, Hailemariam addressed the nation the power transfer will be conducted in the national parliament soon.

Hailemariam said “Our country is in a very difficult situation now.” During the Live presser, the PM’s voice broke a few times.

During his six year tenure and especially since 2015, Ethiopia has been hit with consistent anti-government protests. Thousands of peaceful protesters, were killed, wounded and arrested. According to Diaspora based Ethiopian human rights activists, Hailemariam will face justice for ordering and supervising the killings and crises.

By De Birhaner


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