Border Walls and the Rise of the Right (Dawit W Giorgis)

By Dawit W Giorgis

Dawit W Giorgis

A wave of right wing nationalism is sweeping across Europe and the US. A decade ago it was not so visible but in the last two years the phenomenon has gripped the world and created a tension that could lead into global turmoil. From UK to France, Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Slovakia, and the United States, the slogan of WE FIRST has been resonating with fury and passion. It is far from certain that the hard right will prevail in all these contests in the near future but they are gaining ground. They may not have identical visions   but they all share a WE FIRST, a sign of hard-core nationalism.

“From UPIK’s Farage “we want our country back” to the Austrian Freedom Party’s guiding principle, “Austria First”, to Trump’s promise to ‘Make America Great Again’ they all share a “put us first!” [1] The battle line has been drawn. The cornerstone of this new phenomenon both in Europe and USA is opposition to immigrants and immigration with the   hard-right parties in Germany, France, Austria and the Netherlands explicitly anti Muslims and the USA anti Mexicans and anti Muslims.-……………Read full article (PDF)…..




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