Bizuayehu Demissie: I do not have a single album or a full album each and every month to release it make money and become a celeb.

By Zelalem Endeta 


Bizuayehu Demissie

Our records show us that many of Ethiopian musicians cannot easily leave their careers who live outside the country like Ethiopian singer Bizuayehu Demissie. 

 Since he was living abroadhe was mostly dealing on working with different types of jobs besides his music career.

The young modern Ethiopian musicians are being enslaved by foreign cultures and have been killing the music outside of real life and the artistic process by acting through westernized cultures, but many other Ethiopians are doing much better and the Ethiopian music industry is one step ahead like his cousin, Teddy Afro. 

According to Bizuayehu Demissie, ”I have never been the best musician in the new generation, and it is a wonderful sound that is reminiscent of memories. Especially in his life of music, he has sung a melodious tone of voice and a melodious song that will be multiplied by the full-stabilization of their Black Rose in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in the early days of Virginia Beach, Virginia. The expected album, which it was expected to be a prominent position in the community and prolonging the period of time for the listener has kept close to the music fans and professional associated test.

I was in Seattle last year with Singer Bizuayehu. We were discussing about his album and what he has plans for the future of his career, then he told me that his plan is to work out hard until today to build a proactive future for the lifetime of the music scene. It should be passed on to our ancestors, leaving our country doesn’t cause him to do anything else from his career but it is helping him get reached to technology and passed close our ancestors, even though he believes that our country should be an example of other countries and that it has great respect for music


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