Zehabesha named Athlete Derartu Tulu the 2019 Person of the Year

Zehabesha named Athlete Derartu Tulu the 2019 Person of the Year ..Read more





  1. Dear Editors,

    You hit it right on the nose when you picked this gallant countrywoman for your 2019 Person of The Year!!! Who will forget her victory at the 1992 Olympics at Barcelona? Who will forget her trailblazing victory as the first black African woman gold medal winner in the Olympics history then? Who will forget her victory lap shoulder to shoulder with her fellow female runner from South Africa? A white runner from the Apartheid South Africa? She showed the whole world who we are and how magnanimous people we have been. She told the world her athletics rival Alana Meyer had nothing to do with the dreaded Apartheid system at that time, at that moment, at that Olympics arena and to put the final ice on the cake she took the victory lap shoulder to shoulder, holding hands and pace to pace with Elana!!! She was telling all humanity that Elana was just another African woman!!! How do you top that?!!! When I saw the clip on one of the national newscast then, I was so overwhelmed by emotion. It still gives me ravaging goose bumps whenever I watch the clip. That shows we from the old country are very dignified people. You can call me stubborn Afro-Ethio-centric for that!!! I will take that as a badge of honor!!!!!


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