Allegedly detained Ginbot 7′s Zemene speaks Live from Eritrea

zemeneAn Ethiopian Diaspora blog, Mereja, reported a couple of days ago that Eritrean securities detained Zemene Kassie, Ginbot 7 Popular Force’s Spokesperson in Asmera, where the force has a branch office, Ethiopians who are attending the meeting have said. However, Zemene has been seen speaking live by Skype from Eritrea in a public meeting being held in Switzerland to celebrate Andargachew Tsige, the Secretary General of Ginbot 7 Movement, who has been abducted from Sanaa Airport by Yemeni and Ethiopian securities.

Zemene in his live address said ” Look at me here I am fine and well”. Zemene was followed by another Ethiopian man, Girmachew, who reportedly traveled from Switzerland to join the forces on the ground.

Source:: Debirhan

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