AESAONE President quits his role

From: “Aklilu>
Date: Jun 18, 2014 2:20 PM

Subject: Goodbye

To “Bisrat Meskel”

To my Aesaone family:


I wanted to say goodbye to all of you; I sent my resignation letter to our Chairman earlier today.  My goal in this organization had been to institutionalize transparency, accountability, honesty and professional discourse. I have fought all year to get these things in place.  However, as the underneath response to my latest request for transparency indicates I have failed to achieve my goal.  I will not detail all my concerns here; I have already shared them with the Chairman privately.  I hope he will make the necessary corrections.  For me however, this is the end of the road.  I do not want to be President nor do I want any part at all.


Some of you may wonder why I waited so long to disassociate myself if I had such strong concerns. The answer to that is the fact that I had already resigned in March but only returned because I was promised major changes promptly.  Unfortunately, the promised changes never came. I waited, waited and waited but now I can wait no more. Effective immediately I want any mention of my name to be taken off from Aesaone web-site, Facebook page or any other communication.


I wish you all Godspeed as I join the 2 other “new young leaders” that left before me into early retirement. That makes me the third of the original 4 “new leaders” to leave Aesaone in less than a year.




Aklilu Gidey

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